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We've compiled a list of the most common questions to help provide support. Simply click on the individual issue listed below to see a solution. If there is a problem you are experiencing that isn't in this list, please call us toll-free at 1-888-833-3450 or use our online contact form.


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Who should I call for ACH assistance?

Either your local branch or our customer service line toll free at 1-888-833-3450.

I would like to build an ACH file.

Where is Premier ACH located? Once you log into Business Online Banking, you can find Premier ACH under the Funds Management tab.

I’m building an ACH file in Premier ACH, but I’m not sure which transaction codes to choose. What do they mean?

Every ACH transaction must have a transaction code associated with it. Transaction codes help a receiving bank determine how (credit or debit) and to what type of account (checking or savings) to post an ACH transaction. Choosing an incorrect code can cause an ACH transaction to reject. Listed are some common transaction codes:

Credit Transaction Codes

  • 22 Checking Credit
  • 23 Prenote Checking Credit
  • 32 Savings Credit
  • 33 Prenote Savings Credit

Debit Transaction Codes

  • 27 Checking Debit
  • 28 Prenote Checking Debit
  • 37 Savings Debit
  • 38 Prenote Savings Debit

I accidentally sent the wrong ACH file. What should I do?

If you think that you have sent the wrong file or one with incorrect information, please call the ACH Department at 1-888-833-3450 as soon as possible. The ACH Department will assist you in correcting the problem.

I received an email notification from your ACH Department stating that my ACH was returned. What does the Return or Correction code mean?

ACH transactions can be returned to the Originator for many reasons. Non-sufficient funds, Closed account etc.

Sometimes an ACH transaction is sent with incorrect information, but the receiving bank is still able to determine which account to debit or credit. In this case you will receive a notification with a Correction code. It’s very important that the problem associated with the ACH transaction is corrected before initiating additional ACH transactions to that person or business.

Listed below are some common Return and Correction codes. If you receive an email with a code that is not listed, please feel free to contact the ACH Department at 1-888-833-3450.

Common Return Codes

  • R01 Insufficient Funds
  • R02 Account Closed
  • R03 No Account/Unable to Locate Account
  • R04 Invalid Account Number
  • R08 Payment Stopped
  • R10 Customer Advises Not Authorized

Common Correction Codes

  • C01 Corrected Account
  • C02 Corrected Routing Number
  • C03 Corrected Routing and Account Number
  • C04 Corrected Name
  • C05 Corrected Tran Code
  • C06 Corrected Account and Tran Code
  • C07 Corrected Routing, Account and Tran Code

I uploaded my ACH File and received an error message, “Return/Carriage Line Feed Error.”

If you receive this message, please call Customer Service at 1-888-833-3450 M-F, 8am-5pm MST for assistance.

How do I submit a wire?

Wires can be submitted through Business Online Banking using a wire template under the Funds Management Tab. Not all Business Online Banking customers are set up to send wires. If you do not see this option, but would like to have it – contact your Cash Management Representative at your local branch or call 1-888-833-3450 for assistance.

What does it cost to send a wire using Business Online Banking?

Wires through Business Online Banking cost $15.00. This is a considerable savings when compared to the cost of sending a wire through the local branch ($25.00). If the account is set up on analysis, the cost savings can be even greater.

Can I send a foreign wire using Business Online Banking?

Foreign wires can be sent through Business Online Banking as long as the funds are sent in U.S. dollars. The cost for sending foreign wires though Business Online Banking is $45.00.

I would like to place a stop payment using Business Online Banking?

Stops on paper items can be placed using Business Online Banking. Click on the account that the stop is to be placed on. A “Stop Payment” tab will appear. Choose “New” and enter the following information.

  • Item Date
  • Check Number
  • Amount
  • Payee
  • Reason
  • Click “Submit”

Stops placed using Business Online Banking are real time and will be placed immediately on the system.

Do I save money using Business Online Banking to place a stop payment?

Stop payments through Business Online Banking cost $17.00. This is a considerable savings when compared to the cost of sending a stop through the local branch ($29.00). If the account is set up on analysis, the cost savings can be even greater.

I can see my current and previous statement on Business Online Banking. Is there a way to view older statements?

Statements older than Current or Previous can be viewed in a PDF format by choosing an account from the Accounts tab. Once an account is selected, a Documents tab will appear. Click on Documents Available from the Documents drop down. Approximately one year of statement history can be viewed using this option.

Note: Only Current and Previous statements can be downloaded to another program. PDF files are not downloadable so it’s important to download statement information monthly if the information needs to be stored in another program.

Can I see a copy of a check on Business Online Banking?

There are two ways to view cleared checks on Business Online Banking. Go to the Transactions tab and choose one of the available statement periods. Click on the underlined check number that you would like to view – a copy of the check will appear. The back of the check can be viewed by clicking on “View Back of Document”. A copy can be printed by choosing Print from the File menu.

Checks can also be viewed by choosing an account from the Accounts Tab and then choosing Menu from the Transactions tab. In the “Image Search” function, type the check number of the item you would like to view and click Submit. Approximately one year of check history can be viewed and printed using the Image Search function.

When logging into Business Online Banking, I received an error message, “Login Information is Missing or Invalid.”

The most common reason for this message is because a user is attempting to log into the consumer product – Online Banking, instead of using the Business Online Banking login. The Business Online Banking login can be found in the “OR Select a different login” drop down box on the home page or by clicking on the Online Services tab and thane clicking on Business Online Banking and “Click here” to log in.

How do I export my statement information into Excel?

Once an account has been selected, choose the Menu option from the Transactions drop down box. Enter the information you would like to download into the Transaction Search box. The Export format for Excel is “Comma Separated File (.CSV). Click Export to download.

Note: Business Online Banking also supports Export formats for Microsoft Money and QuickBooks.

Can I sort my accounts or statement information on Business Online Banking?

Account lists or Statement information can easily be sorted by clicking on the header description. For example, if you are viewing a statement, date information can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on “Date” in the header description.

What are the cutoff times for Business Online Banking wires, ACH transactions and Internal transfers?

Wires for today’s business: 2:30 p.m.
ACH transactions for today’s business: 5:00 p.m.
Internal transfers for today’s business: 6:00 p.m.

How can I add or change users on Business Online Banking?

There are two ways to make changes on Business Online Banking. One is by contacting your Cash Management Representative and requesting a change be made. You may also make changes to your existing Business Online Banking by taking advantage of the Administration function. Not all users have Administration rights. If you are interested in finding out more about self Administration on Business Online Banking, please contact your Cash Management representative or call 1-888-833-3450 for additional information.

Is Mobile Banking available for Business Online Banking Customers?

Yes, Mobile Banking is available for Business Online Banking Customers.

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