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Tribes and Municipalities

Maintain financial stability—regardless of change.

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As a tribe or municipality, you have unique wealth management and banking needs. With First Interstate Wealth Management, you have access to the skills and resources of our highly credentialed Wealth Advisors, Retirement Plan Advisors, Investment Specialists, and broader Bank partners—a personalized team who works with you to ensure your tribe or municipality’s continued financial well-being.

A few ways we can help your Tribe or Municipality:

Help With Transition

As elected officials change, it’s important to keep leadership up to speed. Our team of experts helps your elected officials transition smoothly as governments change. Additionally, we help maintain well-kept records—an essential need for a public entity.

Continued Education

We educate elected officials on the current state and history of the portfolio, how we allocate assets, and the various aspects of First Interstate’s relationship with your tribe or municipality.

Tribal Education

In addition to managing government fund portfolios for tribes and tribal colleges, we are a resource for your tribe as a whole—providing financial education resources for individual members of the tribe as requested.

Professional Asset Management

First Interstate’s Asset Management Team employs a disciplined approach to asset allocations, aiming to achieve effective diversification through the science of qualitative analysis and experienced judgment. We use both strategic and tactical asset allocation to determine optimal allocation objectives for our clients.

Want to learn more about what First Interstate can do for your tribe or municipality?

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