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First Interstate Wealth Management partners with your executives and Board of Directors to establish an investment policy statement, spending policies, and more. We help you identify opportunities to maximize investments and improve operational efficiencies.

A few of the ways we can serve your organization:

Board Education

We work with your Board of Directors to make sure all Board Members understand the basics of investments, economics, and markets. We help evaluate the Board’s risk tolerance and explain the role of a fiduciary within an organization. Additionally, we can assist in creating tailored presentations for the executive director and arranging guest speakers for topics relative to non-profit Governing Boards.

Partnering Committee

First Interstate Wealth Advisors, Trust, and Investment Specialists help the Board understand the different available gifting methods—short-, medium- or long-term gifts—and how to target ideal donors.


We develop in-kind gift procedures to align with your gift acceptance policy, provide valuations of in-kind gifts to properly acknowledge donors, and verify in-kind gifts are booked with correct values to minimize audit issues.

Investment Policy

First Interstate Wealth Management regularly reviews and advises on your investment policy statement—continually analyzing investment strategies to try and maximize the success of your capital campaigns. We also implement investment restrictions to ensure ongoing compliance with your investment policy statement.

Professional Asset Management

First Interstate’s Asset Management Team employs a disciplined approach to asset allocations, aiming to achieve effective diversification through the science of qualitative analysis and experienced judgment. We use both strategic and tactical asset allocation to determine optimal allocation objectives for our clients.

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