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Our Lame Deer, Montana, branch lobby is closed the week of September 20. The drive-up remains open regular hours. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I use my debit card to reserve a hotel room/rental car/etc?

When you present a debit card at registration, the clerk or cashier requests an authorization for an amount based your expected length of stay. An additional amount may be added to the room rate to cover other guest services, such as movies or...

Why is my debit card not working?

Card is not activated Card is bent Card strip is damaged Suspect transaction has resulted in a temporary hold placed on card Card is compromised – Temporary hold placed on card Trying to pull from account not attached to...

How can I tell if a transaction on my statement belongs to my debit card?

The transaction on your statement will have the last four digits of the debit card used for the purchase in the description. If you are reviewing your account online and the transaction is pending the description will read “DEBIT...

I just got a new debit card and it's not working. Why?

The card must be activated prior to use. Please call the 800# that is on the sticker on the front of the debit card, if you have taken off the sticker or are having problems you can contact your branch or Customer Support at 1-855-342-3400 (M-F...

Why did I get a new debit card?

Replacement cards are sent automatically every three years due to expiration. You will receive your replacement card the month of the expiration date on your card.

I have debit card transactions on my account that I am not familiar with. Do I need to close my checking account?

You do not need to close your checking account if the transactions are from your debit card. You will, however, need to cancel your debit card. Please contact your branch for further information.

I tried to use my card at an ATM machine, but it doesn't work. Why?

Please insure that you are using an ATM machine with Mastercard® and/or Maestro logos. If the problem still persists please contact the bank.

I gave my debit card number to a telemarketer.

You will need to cancel your debit card. Please call your local branch, or Customer Support at 1-855-342-3400 (M-F 7:30am – 7pm and Sat 10am – 2pm MST), or 1-800-342-6599 (24 Hour Number).

Why can I use my debit card when the clerk keys the information in, but doesn't work when I swipe it?

If your debit card is accepted when it is keyed in, but not when it is swiped, the problem is with the magnetic strip. There is damage to the strip that will not allow it to be read by a swipe. Please call your local branch or our toll free...

I have misplaced/lost my debit or ATM card, who do I call?

Please call your local branch or or Customer Support at 1-800-342-6599 (24 Hour Number) and have your debit or ATM card cancelled.

The merchant is asking for the 3 security numbers (CVV) on the back of my debit card, but mine wore off, what do I do?

These 3 numbers are referred to as the CVV, Card Verification Value, and are used by Mastercard® to determine that the card is in your possession. These numbers are generated at the time the card is created. If the numbers are no longer...

What is a non-First Interstate Bank ATM fee?

Non-First Interstate Bank ATM fees are applied to all ATM transactions performed at an ATM not owned by First Interstate Bank. See First Interstate Bank's Fee Schedule for details.

What are the daily limits on my debit or ATM card?

You may withdraw no more than $300.00 per day using your ATM card and personal identification number for ATM cash withdrawals, if there are sufficient funds in your account. You may withdraw no more than $1,000.00 per day using your debit card...

What are the differences between an ATM and debit card?

An ATM card works in all ATM’s with the Mastercard®/Maestro logos and all merchants that offer PIN based transactions. A Debit card can be used the same as above as well as signature based transactions by selecting credit on the...

I am going to be traveling. Do I need to notify the bank?

Contact Customer Support at 1-855-342-3400 (M-F 7:30am – 7pm and Sat 10am – 2pm MST) to notify us of your travel plans. This will help prevent temporary holds for suspect transactions associated with your debit card activity.

What are the foreign/conversion fees when my debit card is used outside the United States?

Mastercard® will charge a 1% International Service Assessment fee for every transaction that is run outside of the United States, including ATM transactions. The fee will be assessed on all cards, including ATM cards. This fee is listed...

Will my debit card work outside of the United States?

On occasion, First Interstate Bank will close down certain foreign countries due to increased fraud on debit cards originating in those countries. Before leaving, you will want to contact First Interstate to check on what countries are closed down.

If I want to make a purchase that exceeds the daily limit on my debit card, who do I contact?

You will want to contact your branch to speak with a personal banker about temporarily increasing limits on the debit card.

Why are some pending debit card transaction amounts different than the actual amount?

Pending transactions are transactions that are presented to the Bank during the current business day or after the processing cut-off time for the previous business day (which varies between 2:00 PM and 4:00PM). Pending transactions may include a...

What do I do if I have forgotten my debit or ATM card PIN ?

You may stop in at a First Interstate location with your card and change the PIN to one of your choosing. If that is not possible, the PIN can be mailed to the address on your account. Due to security reasons, First Interstate Bank does not have...

Can I have more than one account attached to my debit or ATM card?

Yes. Merchants can only authorize off of the primary checking account. Multiple accounts will only be available when transferring funds from one account to another.

What should I do if I see a debit card transaction on my statement that I did not do? Wrong amount? Double charged?

Contact your local branch for more information. Merchants may process under different names. The bank may be able to provide more information on the transaction and provide contact information for the merchant. Any transaction(s) in question can...

Why do I see a $1.00 charge from (gas station, online purchase etc) when I spent more than that?

When you present your debit card at a gas pump, internet provider, etc. the actual amount you are purchasing may not be available. In order for the system to provide an authorization an amount must be present. Since the amount of the purchase is...