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Phishing Alert: First Interstate Login Page

We’ve discovered a phishing site mimicking our Login page. For your security, please be sure to login directly from our homepage, when accessing Online Banking or First Interstate’s other online products and services. For mortgage support, please contact your Mortgage Loan Officer directly. Learn more about phishing in our Resource Center

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does First Interstate Bank process escrow taxes or insurance premiums?

A reserve account can be established for the payment of taxes or insurance related to the escrow. Additional fees apply. See Escrow Services & Fees brochure for current fees. The buyer or seller is responsible for submitting tax and insurance...

Where can I make my escrow payments?

Escrow payments can be made at any First Interstate Bank branch or mailed to: Escrow Department Missoula Downtown Branch P.O. Box 4667 Missoula, MT 59806 Credit is given on the date received at any branch.

What are the fees associated with an escrow account?

There is an opening fee, payment servicing fee, and closing fee for each account. Opening Fee - The opening fee is based on the contract balance of the escrow. This fee is paid when the escrow is opened. See Escrow Services & Fees brochure...

What is needed to set up an escrow account?

Parties to the escrow need an executed agreement. On traditional escrows the agreement may be a contract for deed, trust indenture, mortgage, or buy/sell agreement. In addition, the parties will complete a First Interstate Bank Escrow Agreement...