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What is the cut-off time for using personal mobile check deposit?

Daily cut-off time for personal mobile check deposit is 5:00 pm MST. Mobile check deposits made before 5:00 pm MST will be available the next business day.

After I deposit a check through personal mobile check deposit, how long should I keep the check?

It is recommended you keep the check for 30 days to 90 days following your mobile check deposit. At that time, you should shred the check.

How do I download the personal mobile banking app to my Apple, Android, or Blackberry device?

Personal mobile banking apps are avaible within the Apple App Store, Android Play Store, or Blackberry App World. You must first be enrolled in personal online banking.

Is there a personal mobile banking app available for my mobile device?

Personal app banking is available for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry mobile phones, as well as, Apple and Android tablets.

Are there any costs associated with personal mobile check deposit?

There is a per item convenience fee associated with personal mobile check deposit, see current fee schedule for details.

What is personal mobile app banking?

Personal mobile app banking is a secure mobile banking application designed for a smartphone. Rather than using the mobile web browser to conduct personal mobile banking, the application is installed directly on you mobile device. We...

Will I have the same functionality with personal mobile banking as I do with personal online banking?

You will be able to do many of the same functions using personal mobile banking including viewing accounts, viewing transactions, transferring funds, and paying bills. However, you will still need to use personal online banking for other...

Is there a cost for using personal mobile banking?

There is no fee to access personal mobile banking. Standard transaction fees apply. If you choose to use mobile check deposit, there is a per item convenience fee associated with use of this service. Message and data rates may apply, please...

Is personal mobile banking secure?

First Interstate Bank is very concerned about the safety and privacy of your information and committed to security. To ensure the security of your account information, a number of features have been built into the personal mobile banking...

To whom can I make bill payments in personal mobile banking?

Bill payments can be made through personal mobile banking to payees that have already been established within personal online banking. Specific payees can be disabled/enabled within the personal mobile banking preferences center. login to...

What type of mobile device is required for personal mobile banking?

Personal text banking requires a device that is capable of sending and receiving text messages. Message and data rates may apply. Personal mobile web banking requires a device that supports mobile web browsing. Message and data rates may...

What types of transactions can I do through personal mobile banking?

Once enrolled in personal mobile banking, you will be able to do following: View account balances View transactions (past 30 days or last 50 transactions) Transfer funds between First Interstate Bank accounts Pay bills (must first be...

I just enrolled in personal online banking and am attempting to sign-up for personal mobile banking. However, I keep receiving an error. Why is this?

Once you have enrolled in personal online banking, it takes a nightly update of the system before personal mobile banking enrollment is available. Please try enrolling in personal mobile banking the next day. If you continue to receive an error,...

How do I enroll for personal mobile banking?

To enroll for personal mobile banking solutions, login to personal online banking and select "Mobile & Alerts" on the main menu bar.

What is personal mobile banking?

Personal mobile banking solutions give you quick, secure access to your First Interstate Bank personal account information whenever you need it, right from your mobile device.

What personal mobile banking services are offered?

Personal mobile banking consists of three separate - but complementary - services. Many customers choose to use more than one method based on their needs. Mobile text banking gives you the ability to send specific text commands to a shortcode (a...

What accounts can I access from personal mobile banking?

Personal mobile banking provides access to the same accounts that are accessible through personal online banking including your checking and savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit, and Loans.

What do I need to begin utilizing personal mobile banking?

To utilize personal mobile banking, you must first be a personal online banking user.  You will also need a mobile device with a text message and/or data plan. If you do not have a text message and/or data plan, or are unsure if you do,...

What is the cut off time for transfers through personal mobile banking?

Daily cut off time for personal mobile banking transfers is 6pm MST.

Can I change the nicknames of the accounts that are displayed in personal mobile banking?

Once you have enrolled personal mobile banking, you can change mobile account nicknames. To do so, login to personal online banking, select the "Mobile & Alerts" tab and select the "Accounts" tab. From there, you have the ability to configure the...

Why can't I receive text messages from First Interstate Bank on my mobile phone? I am enrolled in personal mobile banking and have text messaging enabled on my phone.

You may have text messaging enabled on your mobile phone, but the use of shortcodes may be blocked by your mobile phone service provider. You must have shortcodes enabled to use personal mobile text banking. Please contact your mobile phone...

What is a personal mobile banking shortcode?

As a Mobile Text Banking user, you will use a special shortcode to communicate with the bank. Shortcodes are special telephone numbers, usually five or six digits long, that are used to send and receive text messages from mobile phones. They are...

What does it mean to see "1/2" on my text message response?

"1/2" means you are reading the first message in a series of two messages. It is labeled as "1/2" to ensure you will read your text messages in the correct order.

Why are the text messages out of order when multiple messages have been sent?

First Interstate Bank sends text messages to you in the order they are intended to be read. We will always clearly indicate the order the messages they are to be read (for example, "1/2" or "2/2"). Unfortunately, depending on your mobile...

What are the maximum number of results I can receive for each personal text banking inquiry?

You can receive up to a maximum of five results per personal text banking inquiry.

What is personal mobile text banking?

Personal mobile text banking enables you to retrieve information and manage your bank accounts via text messaging from a mobile device.

How many incorrect login attempts will result in my personal mobile banking account being locked?

After the third invalid attempt, you will be locked out of personal online and mobile banking. Please contact Customer Support to have personal online and mobile banking account unlocked.

What do I need to do if I change my mobile phone number or my wireless carrier?

If you change your mobile phone number or your wireless carrier and would like to continue using personal mobile banking, you must register your new mobile device within your personal mobile banking preferences center. Login to personal online...

Can I safely recycle or dispose of my mobile device if it has personal mobile banking on it?

Although your information is not stored on your mobile device, we recommend you deleted any text messages, clear the browser history, and delete the mobile banking application from the device before recycling or disposing.

Can I add bill pay payees through personal mobile banking?

No. Additional bill pay payees must be added within personal online banking.

What are nicknames?

To easily identify and differentiate between your accounts within personal mobile banking, you are required to create account/ payee nicknames when activating accounts within personal mobile banking to protect your private information. Each...

Why can I only see balances for my credit cards and mortgages through personal mobile banking?

At this time you can only view account balances for your credit cards and mortgages through personal mobile banking.

How do I know if I can access personal mobile banking through my mobile web browser?

If you have a mobile web browser and Internet access from your mobile phone, it's likely you can use mobile banking. Your mobile phone must support WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) 2.2 or higher, the international standard for applications...