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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if my opening deposit is returned?

If you choose to enter funding account information using an account that does not permit you to use your account and routing number to initiate transfers (such as certain products offered online), your authorization for your opening deposit with...

Is there a maximum amount I can deposit online?

Yes, each product has a maximum opening deposit limit. For larger opening deposits, please visit your local branch. The minimum and maximum deposits limits are as follows: Premier Checking: Minimum opening deposit is $100; Maximum opening...

What is a Switch Kit?

A Switch Kit is a free service that allows you to close an account with another financial institution and transfer the funds to a new account (this account must already be set up). You can also switch any direct deposits and automatic payments...

Who can use the Switch Kit?

Anyone who wants to switch funds from one financial institution to another financial institution.

Do I have to be a client to use the Switch Kit?

Yes, you do have to be a client so that we know where to send all of your payments, debits, and funds.

I received an error “Invalid member number or SSN combination” while attempting to open an online account.

If you are experiencing this error or any other problems, please contact Customer Support.

Do I have to have a Direct Deposit or Automatic Payment (ACH) to fill out the Switch Kit?

No, you can simply just close out a current account and move the funds to a new account. The Direct Deposit and Automatic Payment (ACH) transfers are optional.

What do I need in order to view the forms?

The forms are displayed in Adobe PDF format. You can download a free version of this application in order to view the forms. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you will need to download the reader.

What information will I have to know when filling out the Switch Kit?

You will need to know the following: • Your current account number from where you are transferring the funds. • Your new account number to which you are transferring the funds. • Name, Address, Account Number of Direct...

Can I change the information on my online account opening application?

Existing customers can not edit their personal information. New customers may edit their personal information prior to submitting an application by clicking "Edit." For security purposes, clients are not able to edit information...

What do I need to open an account online?

You will need the following to open an account online: You must be 18 year old or older to start an application. You must be a U.S. Citizen. You will be asked for your U.S. Social Security number and valid form of government-issued...

Is a minimum deposit required to open an account online?

Checking and Regular Savings require a minimum opening deposit of $100. Certificates of Deposit require a minimum opening deposit of $1000. Please refer to the account selection page for Fees and Information.

Why is personal information required to open an account online?

Your application is processed subject to our ability to verify your identity. 

What information do I need to open a joint account online?

Both applicants will need the following to open a joint account online: You'll be asked for your U.S. Social Security number and valid form of identification including: driver's license, state ID, military ID, tribal ID, or...

Is my online account opening application secure?

Yes. First Interstate Bank uses encryption for online security. Encryption technology helps secure information transmission along the Internet by encoding the transmitted data using a mathematical formula to scramble the data. Without a...

When is the opening deposit processed for an account opened online?

Your opening deposit from another institution will be processed three to four business days after you have completed the micro-deposit verification. If your opening deposit is made from a debit/credit card or a First Interstate Bank account,...