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Supporting the places we call home.

Supporting the places we call home.

Employee volunteerism. Community-improving initiatives. And investing in local nonprofits through our First Interstate Foundation. Check, check, and check. These are but a few of the many ways we’re supporting the people and places we serve across our 14-state region.

Want to learn more about how we’re making good happen in our local communities? Read on.

Putting our money where our communities are.

When you’re from a place and truly believe in it, you can’t help but want to invest in it. Our latest investment? 40 grants for $25,000 each (totaling $1,000,000!) delivered to local nonprofits providing invaluable services within the communities we call home.

Inaugural Believe in Local Campaign Provides $1 Million in Community Support

In summer 2023, First Interstate Bank, in partnership with the First Interstate BancSystem Foundation, awarded $1 million in grants as part of our Believe in Local campaign. Employee nominations helped us identify 40 impactful nonprofit organizations across First Interstate's 14-state footprint. Each received a $25,000 gift to further their mission on behalf of First Interstate Bank. Check out this video for highlights from our 2022 campaign!

Spreading good around.

For every community, a different need. Whether it's helping to refill depleted food banks, removing trash from favorite beaches, or funding well-deserving local non profits, we're here to support our neighbors in the ways that work for them.

The health and happiness of the places we call home matter to us. Last week, we awarded Starts Right Here in Des Moines, IA a $25,000 Believe in Local grant for inspiring at-risk youth in the Des Moines Public Schools. We believe in Starts Right Here because we #BelieveinLocal. #TeamFirstInterstate

Earlier this week, we awarded Family Support Network a $25,000 #BelieveinLocal donation for promoting the development of healthy parent-child interactions. We are proud to help our communities reach their potential and honored to serve the Billings community! #TeamFirstInterstate

Giving back to the places we call home is what makes us who we are. We awarded Candelen in Scottsdale, AZ a $25,000 Believe in Local grant for giving families, communities, and systems the opportunity to shine their brightest. We believe in Candelen because we #BelieveinLocal.

The award ceremonies, surprise reactions, hugs, cries, and expressions of gratitude from our partner nonprofits never disappoint. Check out this short #BelieveinLocal compilation video to see the impact first-hand -- #TeamFirstInterstate

Spreading good all around -- This week, we awarded Project Intentional in Omaha, NE a $25,000 donation. Thank you for providing invaluable services within the communities we call home. #BelieveinLocal #TeamFirstInterstate

Last week, we awarded the Good Shepherd Clinic of Spearfish, SD and Habitat For Humanity of La Pine Sunriver in Bend, OR each a $25,000 donation. First Interstate is proud to support these two incredible organizations! #BelieveinLocal #TeamFirstInterstate

This is why we love being a community bank - Yesterday, we awarded Habitat For Humanity of La Pine Sunriver a $25,000 donation for their hard work in the community. First Interstate is proud to encourage this incredible organization! #BelieveinLocal Check it out --

To kick off our Believe in Local grant campaign, our first stops made were to Missoula and Whitefish, MT! Last week, we awarded Mountain Home Montana and North Valley Food Bank each a $25,000 donation. We believe in these two incredible organizations because we #BelieveinLocal. #TeamFirstInterstate

We are eager to announce a second year of our Believe in Local grant campaign! In the upcoming weeks, 40 grants for $25,000 each ($1,000,000 total) will be delivered to local nonprofits across our 14-state region providing invaluable services within the communities we call home. Visit to follow along with the impact we're making! #BelieveinLocal #TeamFirstInterstate

It’s about how much love we put into giving - We awarded the Life Stories Child and Family Advocacy in Greeley, CO a $2,500 grant for supporting abused and neglected children by advancing coordinated investigations, prosecution and victim services. We believe in the Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy because we #BelieveinLocal. #HappyHolidays

The greatest gift is being present in these moments - We awarded YouthWorks in Fargo, ND a $2,500 grant for providing Christ-centered mission trips and positive experiences for thousands of teenagers and Adult Leaders in communities across the U.S. Thank you, Youthworks, for all you do for our community. #BelieveinLocal #HappyHolidays

The true magic of the holidays is how we fill hearts with joy - We awarded Ophelia's Place in Eugene, OR a $2,500 grant for creating a safe space for community members to show up authentically and vulnerably with one another. We believe in Ophelia's Place because we #BelieveinLocal. #HappyHolidays

Leaving a little sparkle in the Omaha community - We awarded Completely Kids a $2,500 grant for educating and empowering children and families to create a connected, healthy, and safe community. Thank you, Completely KIDS, for all you do for our community! #BelieveinLocal #HappyHolidays

The best way to spread cheer - We awarded Wellspring Family Services in Seattle, WA a $2,500 grant for helping prevent homelessness. In addition to the Believe in Local grant, we also awarded $3,500 toward their annual Giving Together campaign and an additional $10,000 donation from the market—bringing the award grand total to $16,000. Last year, the organization assisted 2,888 families through housing services. We believe in Wellspring Family Services because we #BelieveinLocal. #HappyHolidays

Oh what fun! We awarded MentorKids in Scottsdale, AZ a $2,500 grant for investing in the lives of youth, and being determined to build leaders who build leaders. Thank you, MentorKids USA, for all you do for our community. #BelieveinLocal #HappyHolidays

Spreading joy in the Iowa City community - We awarded I'm Glad You Stayed a $2,500 grant for educating the public on real-time suicide prevention actions and resources to save the lives of those struggling with mental health and suicidal ideation. Thank you, I'm Glad You Stayed Project, for all you do for our community. #BelieveinLocal #HappyHolidays

In the spirit of the holidays, we are eager to announce the continued efforts of our Believe in Local grant campaign, holiday edition! In the upcoming weeks, 10 $2,500 grants will be delivered to local nonprofits across our 14-state region that provide invaluable services within the communities we call home. #BelieveinLocal #HappyHolidays

Congratulations to our Believe in Local grant winners. In just over two months, 40 non-profits across our 14-state footprint were awarded a total of $1 million in grants. Hats off to the amazing work you do to make our communities bright. We #BelieveinLocal because we believe in you. #TeamFirstInterstate

To conclude our #BelieveinLocal grant campaign, our last stop made was in Ashland, OR. This afternoon, we awarded the Society of St. Vincent a $25,000 grant for their services to neighbors in need who strive to grow spiritually. We believe in the Society of St. Vincent because we #BelieveinLocal.

We are approaching the final days of our #BelieveinLocal campaign. What a journey it has been! This morning, we awarded the Care Corps Lifehouse in Fremont, NE a $25,000 grant for their commitment to finding shelter for Dodge County’s rising homeless population. Care Corps LifeHouse operates housing programs and services, including a 24-hour a day 60-bed emergency shelter, providing a safe and secure environment for those in need.

Giving back to organizations and creating the biggest impact in their neighborhoods. This afternoon, we awarded Rural America Initiatives a $50,000 #BelieveinLocal grant for serving low-income Native American families. Since 1986, Rural America Initatives has remained the largest operating Native American organization in Rapid City, providing programs such as Head Start and Early Head Start for children from pre-natal through age 5, as well as mentoring programs in Rapid City's elementary, middle and high schools. Remarkable!

Driving force behind all the great philanthropic work we do as a bank. This morning, we awarded Our Foster Kids in Grant Pass, OR a $25,000 #BelieveinLocal grant for focusing on activities to raise the self-esteem of foster children and providing for their needs. Thank you, Our Foster Kids, for reassuring that children are vital and valuable members of our community.

We are dedicated to the places we live, work, and grow. Today, we awarded Dog Tag Buddies in Billings, MT a $25,000 #BelieveinLocal grant for providing veterans who have hidden injuries with rescue dogs to improve their quality of life through training and ongoing support. The organization strives to create a healthier community, improve mental health, and reduce suicide by serving those who served us. Thank you, Dog Tag Buddies for your work in this community!

See our commitment at-a-glance.

Service to community has been at the core of our business for over 50 years — and we’re proud to see how it adds up every year. Check out some of 2022’s highlights below — and click here to see our full 2022 Community Scorecard.

7.8 Million Donated in 2022

First Interstate Bank commits 2% of its Net Income Before Taxes annually to charitable giving. In 2022, we donated $7.8 million to help make a difference in our communities.

1039 Nonprofits Served

Among the over 1,000 local nonprofit organizations we supported, two-thirds of them focused on poverty and served low-to-moderate income individuals.

Volunteer Match Program

First Interstate pays nonprofits for its employees’ volunteer hours through our volunteer match program, enriching charitable organizations with much-needed support and financial resources.

16.9k Hours Total
Volunteer Day 2021

Throughout what was certainly a challenging year, our employees showed great creativity and adaptability. The result? Safe volunteer opportunities and another big year of community giving.

6.4k Volunteer Hours