Attention Treasury Solutions Clients

Business Online Banking ACH files must be received by Thursday, February 14 in order to settle before the upcoming federal holiday (Washington’s Birthday). ACH files received on Friday, February 15 will not settle until Tuesday, February 19.

Lockbox Remittance Processing

Our Lockbox Remittance Processing service is designed to accelerate the receipt and deposit of check and credit card payments sent through the mail. This cash flow improvement solution collects customer payments at a centralized post office box rather than your business address, which reduces fraud risks and postal delays associated with mail delivery and in-house processing.

Payment processing is done by First Interstate Bank, helping ensure your payments are quickly received and directly deposited into your business bank account. Speak with one of our experienced business bankers for more information and how to sign up.

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  • Check processing
  • Remittance processing
  • Credit card processing
  • Research
  • Check storage, including retention and shredding of confidential information, deposit preparation, deposit delivery to the bank, and internal audit controls


  • Helps reduce fraud risk by providing an outside audit trail, segregated duties, and improved controls
  • Reduces check and credit card payment processing time
  • Faster deposit reporting and exception processing
  • Payments are deposited directly into your business banking account
  • Electronic reports and check posting are available on a daily basis
  • Seasonal businesses have their post office box checked year-round for continued secure payment collection and processing
  • HIPAA compliant