Personal Online Banking

With online banking you can securely manage your accounts from any computer, anytime. Learn more below or take a tour. Don’t have a checking account with First Interstate? Open one here.

Other features include: review transactions, deposits, and checks cleared; view, print, and order new checks; apply for credit cards; and create account nicknames for easy account identification. Looking for Business Online Banking?

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Securely manage your accounts in one convenient place. Set user access, get recommendations, link external accounts, and more.

Shared Access

Want to grant someone else access to your account without sharing your login credentials? Select "Share Access" and add a person to your account by following the on-screen prompts.

Credit Cards

Manage all aspects of your First Interstate Bank personal credit card, from viewing your account balance and transactions, redeeming your FirstRewards points, and even making a payment.

Outside Accounts

Add accounts from other financial institutions to view account balances and transactions. You can also transfer funds between these accounts and your First Interstate Bank accounts.


View your mortgage and make payments online. Real-time information at your fingertips.

Manage Money

At First Interstate, we strive to help our customers and our employees be fiscally responsible. We're pleased to provide access to tools to help you along your financial journey.

Internal Transfers

With internal transfers, easily move money from one First Interstate Bank account to another, or pay on your First Interstate Bank loans by simply transferring money directly from your account.

External Transfers

If you have accounts at other financial institutions, you can access those funds through your First Interstate Bank online banking account.

Pay Other People

Need to reimburse a friend? Forget writing a check; use your mobile phone or email instead. With POPmoney, you can pay other people electronically.

Financial Management

A robust analyzer tool shows your spending habits to provide a better snapshot of your overall financial health.


Budgets and expense tracking to help you maintain your financial independence.


Link your Turbo Tax account to store and manage your tax data in one place.

Pay Bills

Reduce your financial paper trail by eliminating paper checks and even paper statements. Pay all your bills in one place as well as review your bill payment history.

Payment History

View history and keep detailed records of bill payment. Track outstanding transactions and set up recurring payments.


Establish reminders so you never miss another due date. Set up alerts to confirm when payment is sent and received.

Save Money

Because you won't be writing and mailing checks, Bill Pay customers save time and money.


When life is busy. Sometimes, it is easier to go online to handle your banking as opposed to visiting a branch. That's when this feature becomes especially important!


Set up alerts to notify you of account activity. Unusual activity, balance fluctuations, transfers, and other notifications to keep you in the know.

Online Statements

Eliminate paper waste with online history and a statement archive. Set up notifications to alert you when your online statement is available.

Stop Payments

Whether in an emergency or taking extra precaution, you can place a freeze on outstanding payments in online banking.

Reorder Checks

Running low on checks? Reorder online and have them shipped right to your door.

Courtesy Overdraft

Sometimes it helps to have a safety cushion. Opt in for Courtesy Overdraft Protection and avoid your card getting declined.

Debit Card Dispute

See a suspicious transaction? Submit a debit card dispute and our team will help you investigate the charge.

Learn more about our suite of checking and savings accounts that meet your specific financial needs.

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