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Business Credit Cards

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A business credit card is a valuable purchasing tool you can use to control expenses and cash flow. Business credit cards are safe and easy to use, less expensive than checks, and can help you separate business and personal finances.

FirstRewards® World Elite Mastercard® for Business

FirstRewards World Elite Mastercard for Business

FirstRewards World Elite Mastercard for Business* credit cards empower you to do business wherever you need to be. This card’s rich rewards and card benefits give you the power to take your business to the next level.

With a FirstRewards World Elite Mastercard for Business credit card, businesses earn one point for every net dollar spent in purchases†. Points can be redeemed for practically anything you could imagine with our FirstRewards loyalty program—a straightforward credit card rewards program that appeals to business owners who don’t have the time or patience to deal with complex reward rules. Best of all, points will not expire and there’s no limit to the number of points you can earn. Check out the Rewards tab for more information on business credit card rewards that are as local as you are!

Interested in having your business included? Learn more about local rewards.


$50 annual fee per card ($200 maximum), waived the first year!

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Mastercard® Business Card

Mastercard Business Card

Business owners who choose our Mastercard® Business Card* can easily manage and track day-to-day business expenses with no annual fee.

Increase your business' cash flow by using your card to pay vendors and suppliers, which provides additional time before payment is due. The Mastercard® Business Card gives you spending flexibility in addition to the ability to manage your cards online.

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Mastercard® MultiCard

Mastercard MultiCard

For larger businesses looking for better visibility on spending through advanced reporting features and purchasing restrictions.

Give your company every advantage with the First Interstate Bank Mastercard® MultiCard*. With this comprehensive program, one card can help you with all corporate spending activity - purchasing, travel, entertainment, and fleet. Best of all, this single platform solution will help you improve efficiency while providing the information and control you require.

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Features & Benefits

This orange checkmark identifies that a benefit is part of this corresponding account type.

*Subject to approval.
**Certain terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Customers can review Guide to Benefits for complete program rules or visit for a full descriptions of benefits.
†To qualify, purchases must be retail transactions. Transactions not included in this offer are balance transfers, cash advances, ATM transactions, convenience checks, and foreign transactions.

Paying your vendors with checks may be costing you more than you realize.


Fraud Risks

  • The Federal Reserve requires businesses to report check fraud within 24 hours.
  • Checks are the payment method most susceptible to fraudulent attacks.
  • Check fraud accounts for the largest dollar amount of financial loss due to fraud.

Limited Cash Flow

  • Funds are withdrawn in days when you pay with a check.
  • Poor cash flow restricts money for investment in future projects and growth.

Inefficient Accounting Processes

  • 1099 reporting required for checks over $600.
  • Tracking outstanding checks is time consuming.
  • On average it takes 30 minutes to pay an invoice using checks.

Expensive Payment Channel

  • Checks cost businesses approximately $4 to $20 per invoice to pay.
  • Paying 500 invoices = $2,000 to $10,000.
  • Costs include: check stock, printing, envelopes, postage, employee resources.

A Reality Check on Credit Cards


Fraud Protection

  • Mastercard® Zero Liability provides 60 days to report fraud.
  • Free 24/7 Fraud Monitoring detects potential fraudulent transactions.

Increased Cash Flow

  • Credit cards provide a grace period, helping to improve cash flow.
  • Pay your vendor today and funds can be withdrawn at statement close.

Efficient Accounting Processes

  • IRS’ 1099 reporting liability shifts to Mastercard.
  • Reconciling made easier.
  • Less employee resources needed.

Opportunity to Increase Profits

  • Converting invoices from check to credit card reduces accounts payable costs by 81%.
  • According to Mastercard statistics, converting 500 invoices from check to credit card payments = $1,620 to $7,100 in savings annually.
  • Earning rewards on your card purchases can improve your bottom line.

Our clients say it best—see how Mastercard has improved their businesses.

Red Oxx Manufacturing

“At Red Oxx, we use our business credit card to pay vendors and cover travel expenses while on the road. Recently with the rewards we earned, the company was able to cover travel and lodging for employees’ continued education. It’s great to be able to use rewards points as a further investment into our business.”

Jim Markel, Chief Executive Officer,
Red Oxx Manufacturing

NorthStar Medical Management, INC

“First Interstate Bank has been a trusted partner for our organization for many years. The First Interstate World Elite Mastercard is no exception and has been a great choice for our companies in managing multiple companies/cards. The card has an in-state service center which is unheard of today. I have been in Medical Management for over 20 years and the First Interstate World Elite Mastercard’s team and customer service is by far the best I have ever experienced. I have and will continue to highly recommend First Interstate Bank and their World Mastercard.”

Ryan L. Peterson, Chief Executive Officer,
NorthStar Medical Management, INC

Hidden Meadow Memory Care

“I love the First Interstate Bank World Elite Mastercard for Business because it gives us operating cash. I can pay all of my bills at one time, file them away and not worry about waiting until accounts receivable are in every month. I have a cushion to receive the cash and pay off the card balance. It makes accounts payable much easier and accounts receivable less stressful. It also earns rewards that I use as Christmas gifts to the employees.”

Janis Stinger, Accountant,
Expressions INC

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