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Switch Kit

When moving your account to First Interstate, we make the transition as easy as possible. Our Switch Kit provides the framework to conveniently switch your account while ensuring nothing gets missed in the process. By following three easy steps, you can have peace of mind knowing your new account is ready to go.

Step 1. Fund Your Account

Move money into your new account by making a deposit. Our recommendation: reassign direct deposits or other recurring credits you have coming into your account. Once your account is funded, it is active and ready for use.

Step 2. Move Your Payments

Before the switch is complete, be sure to review your old account for automatic transactions that may need maintenance. Payments for items such as gym memberships, subscriptions, auto loans, or utility bills will need to be modified to include your new account number. You can find instructions for modifying your transactions in the Switch Kit forms provided.

Step 3. Close Your Old Account

Once all your automatic transactions have moved to your new account and any outstanding items have cleared, it’s time to close your old account and transfer the remaining balance. When your old account is at a zero balance, you will need to contact your former financial institution instructing them to close the account.

Useful information to keep available:

  • Your former bank account number and routing number
  • Your First Interstate account number and routing number
  • Name/address of your current employer (if using direct deposit)
  • Name/address of any company that charges your account (for automatic payments)
  • Your social security number