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Debit Cards

You can use your Debit Card to make purchases straight from your checking account. Instead of writing a check for your purchases, present your Debit Card anywhere Mastercard® Debit Cards are accepted.

The merchant will handle it like any other Mastercard transaction, and you won't be charged any additional transaction fees. Plus, you will receive a receipt at the time of purchase and a detailed record on your monthly checking statement for recordkeeping.

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First Interstate Bank Debit Cards

Our Debit Card is convenient for telephone, Internet, or mail order purchases.

Just remember, no matter how you use your Debit Card, you must log the amount in your checkbook just as you would if you were writing a check or conducting an ATM transaction. Your First Interstate Debit Card also serves as your ATM Card. You can use your Debit Card for ATM transactions at First Interstate Bank Day & Night Teller ATMs at no cost to you.


World Debit Mastercard

World Debit™ Mastercard

Premier Checking clients can now enjoy the benefits of the World Debit Mastercard.

In addition to the convenience of the traditional Debit Card, World Debit cardholders receive unlimited free non-First Interstate ATM transactions each month and an increased daily spending limit of $5,000.


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FIB Debit Manager

Save time and gain peace of mind with the free FIB Debit Manager app. Control how, when and where your debit card is used in real-time. It is a simple and secure way to manage and monitor your debit card activity.

  • Turn your debit cards on and off
  • Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories, and geographic locations
  • Receive alerts when your debit card is used, approved, or exceeds the transaction controls set by you
  • Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted and declined transactions
  • Get real-time balances for your accounts

FIB Debit Manager is available for Apple and Android mobile devices. You can download the app from the Apple App Store® or Google Play™ store respectively.

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Debit Card Courtesy Overdraft

Debit Card Courtesy Overdraft provides a safe and convenient solution so that, rather than having your debit card declined during a transaction, you can authorize us to pay in overdraft situations.

There is a $10 charge each time we pay an overdraft, and you will only be charged when you use the service. There is a Maximum Daily Charge of $40 for overdrawing your account.

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Before You Travel

Help protect your account by notifying the bank before you travel. To avoid disruption of your card use, please let us know the dates and locations of your travel so we can better monitor debit and credit card activity on your account.


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Report Lost/Stolen Card

If your card has been lost or stolen, get additional support and contact information here.

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Debit Card Dispute

To file a dispute claim, please call 833-699-0076. Support is available 24 hours day, seven days a week.