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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I change the Personal Identification Number (PIN) associated with my business credit card?

Business credit card customers can log into to change their pin numbers or call 866-297-3408.

How can I make payments to my business credit card?

Mail: First Interstate Bank PO Box 35138 Seattle, WA 98124-5138 Online: or At your local branch or by calling Payment Services at 855-342-3400.

Can I pay my business credit card bill online?

Yes, paying your bill online is a free service. To enroll or make a payment, log into or These features are also available: credit card account summary information, online credit card...

Can I set up automatic payments to pay my business credit card?

Yes. You can set up automatic payments by accessing your account online at or You can also call Payment Services or talk to your local banker to get automatic payments set up.

How do I change the monthly due date on my business credit card bill?

Call the Payment Services department at 855-342-3400 or email to request a new due date for your monthly bill.

Is there a limit to the number of FirstRewards points I can earn with a business credit card?

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn.

Do business credit card FirstRewards points expire?

Points do not expire unless account is closed or inactive after 365 days. This means, if you do not have any transactions on your Account or incur any fees on your Account for 365 days, your Point balance will be reduced to zero at the end of...

Can I view my business credit card information online?

Yes. You can view transactions, statements, dispute charges, and make payments online at You can also conveniently manage all of your cardholders’ accounts using our online management tool,...

How do airline redemptions for the FirstRewards program work?

You can redeem your points for air travel by calling our FirstRewards Redemption Center at 833-251-6403 or online at

Can business credit card FirstRewards points be redeemed for cash?

Yes, points can be redeemed for cash or a statement credit.

Can I keep my business credit card FirstRewards points if I close my account?

No, all FirstRewards points will be forfeited upon account closure.

What should I do if my business credit card is lost or stolen?

Call us immediately to report the loss or theft of a card. We will close the account and issue a new card. Call Payment Services at 855-342-3400.

How do I set up spending alerts for my business credit card?

Log into your account at and go to "Alerts" tab to set up your alert preferences. You can be notified via email and/or text message to your cellular phone. You can also conveniently manage all of your...

Will my business credit card work if I am traveling?

If you know you will be traveling, email the Payment Services department at or call 855-342-3400 to inform us of the dates and areas of travel. This will ensure continued access to your account while you are traveling.

Where can I learn more about the benefits on my business credit card?

Enjoy additional advantages of your Business Mastercard. To learn more about these Mastercard benefits call 800-MC-ASSIST or visit

What is Mastercard Easy Savings?

Save money with automatic rebates on your business spending by using your First Interstate Bank Mastercard® credit card at participating merchant locations. Go to or call 800-251-3448 for more details.

How do I use Mastercard Easy Savings?

Eligible Mastercard credit cardholders are automatically opted into Mastercard Easy Savings. Once the cardholder is enrolled in the Program, they shop at participating Program Partners, pay the normal price for eligible purchases, and then...

Is there a fee to register or join Mastercard Easy Savings?

There is no cost for the MC Easy Savings® Program. There are no coupons or codes. You only need to use your eligible card to get the rebates.

Do I need a personal identification number (PIN) to make a purchase with my chip or contactless credit card?

Your credit card is a Chip card, so in most instances, you should not need a personal identification number (PIN) to make purchases with your card. When traveling inside or outside the US, there are some merchants that may require a PIN. Pins are...

How do I request a contactless card if I don’t have one yet?

Call the Payment Services department at 855-342-3400 to speak with a representative.

What are the benefits of a Contactless card?

Security – Contactless provides EMV-grade security. Speed – Contactless check out is 10x faster than other in-person payment methods. Touch-free Convenience – Pay with a tap of your card to avoid touching surfaces at checkout.

Is a Contactless card secure?

Yes. Contactless have the same multiple layers of security as EMV chip-embedded cards. Cards are secure because each transaction generates a unique one-time code to prevent fraud.

Can a contactless credit card still be swiped or inserted?

Yes. Whether you see of the contactless symbol icon ( which resembles four nested right parentheses of increasing size) or not at the merchant, you can still swipe or insert your card.

Are there instances where I could experience issues using my credit card abroad?

When traveling inside or outside of the U.S., some card readers at unattended terminals (such as public transportation kiosks and gas pumps) may require a PIN. In these situations, enter your credit card PIN.

Is an EMV chip credit card the same as contactless payment?

No. Contactless cards employ near-field communication technology (NFC), which has a radio antenna that transmits account information, and work by waving or tapping your card in front of a device. Chip cards must be inserted face-up into a...