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How do I make changes to my personal account alerts configurations?

Once you have enrolled in personal account alerts, you can make changes to your settings any time. To do so, log in to personal online banking, select the "Mobile & Alerts" tab and select the "Alerts" tab. From there, you have the ability to...

What happens if I change my mobile phone number or my wireless carrier?

If you change your mobile phone number or your wireless carrier and would like to continue using First Interstate Bank's Personal Alerts, you must register your new mobile device within your Personal Mobile Banking preferences center. Log in...

Can I set-up and manage personal account alerts through mobile web banking or mobile app banking?

To enroll and configure personal accoun alerts, login to personal online banking and select the "Mobile & Alerts" tab. Once your mobile phone number has been verified, you will be able to manage your personal account alerts through personal...

Do I need to enroll for personal account alerts?

Yes, you do need to register to receive personal account alerts. Login to personal online banking and click the "Mobile & Alerts" tab. Once there, you can register your mobile device and configure the alerts you'd like to receive.

Is there a cost to use personal account alerts?

Personal account alerts are a free service for our personal online and mobile banking customers. Regular account charges apply. Standard charges may apply for text messaging; please check with your mobile service provider for details.

Can I enroll for rersonal email account alerts without enrolling in personal mobile banking?

Yes, during the Mobile & Alerts enrollment process. Cancel out of the "Step 1 - Enter Details" screen. Go to the "Email" tab, add and verify your email address. Then go to the "Alerts" tab to configure your Alert settings.

If I change my mobile phone number, can I still receive the same peronal account alerts?

Yes, but you will need to re-register your mobile device for personal account alerts within personal online banking. Once there, click the "Mobile & Alerts" tab to access the preferences center.

If I want to opt out of receiving personal accoun alerts, what do I do?

Login to personal online banking and click the "Mobile & Alerts" tab. Once there, you can disable personal account alerts via the "Phones" tab. Just select "Disable Alerts."

What are personal account alerts?

Enroll in our personal account alerts service through your personal online or mobile banking account and we will alert you via your mobile device or email account when specified activity occurs.