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I keyed the check number into the system incorrectly.

Contact your local branch Cash Management representative or call 1-888-833-3450 for assistance.

How long do my items stay in the transaction processing section of Positive Pay?

Paid items remain for approximately six months. Unpaid items remain indefinitely. If you decide to remove any unpaid items, please contact your branch Cash Management Representative or call 1-888-833-3450 for assistance.

If the bank doesn't receive an answer to my exception items by 11:00am, can I still stop the check from being paid?

Most of our customer’s contracts state that all items not answered by 11:00 – will be returned. In the case that the bank does not receive an answer by 11:00 – the Positive Pay clerk will try to contact the customer.

Can I place a stop payment using the Positive Pay system?

A stop payment may be placed using Business Online Banking or by calling your local branch. Stop payments may not be placed using the Positive Pay system.

When would I return a check using "refer to maker"?

“Refer to maker” may be used to return a check for any reason when “stale dated”, “fraud” and “duplicate item” are not appropriate.

Can I see a picture of the exception item on Online Banking before I make a decision?

Yes, you can look up an image of your check for up to twelve months using our Online Banking services.

If I upload my file and receive the error message, "Uploaded with Exceptions" - will the system tell me what the errors were?

Yes, you can see detailed error reporting by clicking on the underlined “Processed with Exceptions”.

I received an error message when uploading my file. Did it upload correctly?

There are three messages that may be received when uploading a file: Processed Processed with exceptions *Rejected *An incorrect file format or a duplicate file will cause a file to “Reject”.

How do I change users on my company's Positive Pay setup?

Your company’s Positive Pay Administrator may add or delete users at any time or contact your local branch Cash Management Representative to add or delete users to your Positive Pay setup.