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What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Call us immediately to report the card’s loss or theft. We will close the account and issue new cards. Payment Services can be reached M-F, 8 am-5 pm MST at 1-888-833-3454 option #3, or after hours, choose option #2. › Report a Lost...

Will my credit card work if I am traveling?

If you know you are going to be traveling, contact First Interstate Bank Payment Services at 1-888-833-3454 option #3 and inform us of the dates and areas of travel and a phone number where you can be reached. If charges appear on your account...

How can I make payments to my card?

Mail: First Interstate Bank PO Box 31615 Billings, MT 59107 Call 1-888-833-3454 Online: ACH Payments: Set up through your local branch or our customer service line toll free at 1-888-833-3454 option #3. 

How far back can I view my credit card transactions online?

Transactions can be accessed for the last 18 months at Please call 1-888-833-3454 option #3 if you need transaction information prior to the last 18 months. If research is needed a $20 per hour research fee will be...

Can I view my credit card information online?

Yes. You can view transactions, statements, dispute charges, and make payments online at

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. online bill pay is a free service.To enroll or make a payment, log on to These additional features are also available: credit card account summary information, online credit card statement, download data into...

Can I set up automatic bill pay to pay my First Interstate Bank credit card?

Yes. Contact Payment Services at 1-888-833-3454 (M-F, 8am-5pm MST) or talk to your local banker to get automatic payments set up. You can also set up automatic payments by accessing your account online at › Find a...

How long does it take payments to post once they are received at the branch?

All credit card payments accepted at a branch will be credited to your account on the same business day the payment is received. Your credit line will be made available within two business days.

Why do I need to activate my new card?

The activation process is a security measure; it lets us know you have safely received your card. When you call to activate a card, you will be required to verify your identity by answering a few questions. This helps to ensure someone else did...

Can cards be activated before they are received?

No. For security against fraud, credit cards cannot be activated until you receive the card.

What do I do when my card expires?

A replacement card will automatically be sent to you a month before the expiration date. When you receive the new card, cut up the expired card and call 1-800-456-6870 for consumer cards or 1-866-333-4761 for business cards to activate your new...

How can I get cash with my card?

Cash advances can be made in two ways. You can get cash at any ATM, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When using an ATM, a PIN is required. Cash advances can also be requested and processed at any financial institution. Please review your terms and...

How can I request a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for use at ATMs or cash advances?

A PIN is automatically mailed to you when the account is opened, if you need a replacement PIN or can’t remember your current PIN call 1-888-833-3454 option #3. A Customer Service Representative will ask a few questions and process the...

How can I change my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

Call 1-866-297-3408. Please note, in order to change your PIN, you need to know your current PIN number.

Can I transfer balances online?

We cannot accept balance transfers online at this time. Visit your local branch or call Payment Services at 1-888-833-3454 option #3 (M-F, 8 am-5 pm MST). We will take your balance transfer request over the phone. › Find a location

How long does it take to process a balance transfer to my card?

Including mailing time, the complete process takes 7-10 days. You will need to continue paying on the account until the transfer is complete, to keep it current.

Can I raise the limit on my Secured Card?

Yes. A new Certificate of Deposit will need to be opened for the total requested credit line of the credit card. Limits cannot exceed $3,000.

How do I release a CD from being held for a secured card?

Your banker must send a written request to Payment Services. After the request is approved by Payment Services, the amount owed on the secured card account will be subtracted from the CD and the remainder will be reimbursed to you. The credit...

How do I add a joint cardholder?

Cardholders will need to complete and sign the consumer credit card application to add an additional cardholder. Please note on the application that “Joint cardholder is to be added to account ending in XXXX.” Send this application to...

How do I add an Authorized User?

Please call the Credit Card Division at 1-888-833-3454 to receive a form. The authorized user will be issued a card in his or her name and receive it in 7-10 business days. Please note: The authorized user will not be responsible for payments on...

How do I change my name on my account (due to marriage or divorce)?

Send a copy of the marriage license or divorce decree along with a written signed request to have your name changed to Payment Services. Mail: First Interstate Bank PO Box 31615 Billings, MT 59107

How do I remove a name from my card?

To have an user removed, contact Payment Services. A joint applicant cannot be removed from an account; the current account must be closed and a new application submitted.

Can more than one person be assigned to a single account number?

Yes. Contact the Credit Card Division to add an authorized user or joint account holder to a consumer account. Business accounts must have a separate account number for each cardholder.

Is there a limit to the number of Points I can earn?

There is no limit to the number of Points you can earn.

Will points expire?

Points never expire, as long as the account is open and kept current.

How do I redeem my points?

You can see a complete list of travel, gift card, charity donations, merchandise and local rewards at Rewards may be redeemed online or by telephone at 1-888-216-2893.

What if I have technical problems at

Please contact FirstRewards Customer Service at 1-888-216-2893.

If I report my card lost or stolen and am reissued a new card, will my Points and information be transferred to my new account?

Yes. We will automatically transfer Points and any balances to the new card account. Please keep in mind; you will not be able to access your account online for a few days, while this process is being completed.

Are there restrictions when redeeming my FirstRewards points for air travel?

There are no airline restrictions, blackout dates or advanced noticed required when redeeming points for travel with the FirstRewards program. You can choose the travel itinerary that works for you with airlines that operate in your own community.

Can I view current account opening disclosures?

Yes. You can view current account opening disclosures online.

How do I view past disclosures?

You can request past disclosures by calling Payment Services at 1-888-833-3454 option #3. Or you can fill out our online request form and we'll mail the specific disclosures to you. > Online disclosures requst form

How do I request to receive my statements electronically and not in the mail?

Log on to and select the option "Statements", then "Delivery Options" and choose "Paperless."  Paper statements will be discontinued, and you will receive an email each month when your electronic statement is ready to...

How do I get a listing of all my transactions for last year for taxes?

Log on to and select the option "Transactions", then "Find Transactions." You can choose the date range of the transactions needed, and even download into Excel.  Call Payment Services at 888-833-3454 option #3 for...

How do I dispute a charge on my personal credit card?

You must call First Interstate Bank Payment Services at 1-888-833-3454 immediately upon receiving your statement and discuss this with a representative. They will be able to provide you with more details of this charge. If this does not clarify...

How do I change the monthly due date on my bill?

Please call Payment Services at 1-888-833-3454 option #3 to request a new due date for your monthly bill.

Do I have to pay my balance in full each month?

While you must make the minimum payment indicated on your statement each month, you are able to carry a balance. However, it is important to keep in mind that the balance you carry will be subject to interest charges based on your APR.

Where can I learn more about the benefits on my card?

Enjoy additional advantages of your World MasterCard To learn more about these MasterCard benefits call 1-800-MC-ASSIST or visit

Do all personal credit cards have an annual fee?

There is no annual fee associated with the First Interstate Bank's FirstRewards World MasterCard® and the Platinum MasterCard®.  There is an annual fee of $39.00 associated with First Interstate Bank's Gold MasterCard® and...

What is Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?

At its most basic, an APR is the yearly rate of interest on a credit card. APR is the cost of credit expressed as an annual percentage. To determine the monthly periodic rate, divide the APR by 12 months. To determine a daily periodic rate,...

Can I link my credit card to my checking account for overdraft protection?

Yes, your First Interstate Bank MasterCard® can be linked to your checking account for overdrafts. Transfers occur in $50 increments and there are no set-up charges. There is a $10 transfer fee for credit card transfers up to $50 or a $19...

How does my FirstRewards credit card earn points?

Every time you use your FirstRewards credit card, you'll receive one (1) point for every $1.00 in net purchases (purchases less returns). Cash advances, fees and balance transfers do not earn points.

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn.

Is there a maximum amount of points I can earn per year?

No. Use your FirstRewards credit card for everyday purchases and watch how fast your points add up.

If I report my card lost or stolen and am reissued a new card, will my points and information be transferred to my new account?

Yes. We will automatically transfer points and any balances to the new card account. Please keep in mind; you will not be able to access your account online for a few days, while this process is being completed.

How does airline redemption for the FirstRewards program work?

You can redeem your points for air travel by calling our FirstRewards Redemption Center at 1-888-216-2893 or online at

Do I have a cash option for redemption?

No, cash is not an option for redemption in the FirstRewards program. However, you may redeem points for a First Interstate Bank MasterCard® Gift Card in various increments.

Can I keep my points if I close my account?

No, all FirstRewards points will be forfeited upon account closure.

How can I request a credit line increase?

Contact First Interstate Bank Payment Services at 1-888-833-3454 option #3 to speak with a representative.  

The merchant is asking for the 3 security numbers (CVV) on the back of the card, but mine wore off, what do I do?

These 3 numbers are referred to as the CVV, Card Verification Value, and are used by MasterCard® to determine that the card is in your possession. These numbers are generated at the time the card is created. If the numbers are no longer...

How do I set up spending alerts?

Log on to your account at and go to the "Alerts" tab to set up your alert preferences. You can be notified via email and/or text message to your cellular phone. 

What are the foreign/conversion fees when my card is used outside the United States?

MasterCard® will charge a 3% International Service Assessment fee for every transaction that is run outside of the United States, including ATM transactions. The fee will be assessed on all cards, including ATM cards. This fee is listed...