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Why do I see a $1.00 charge from (gas station, online purchase etc) when I spent more than that?

Category: Personal   Service: Debit/ATM Cards | Updated: August 6th, 2015


When you present your debit card at a gas pump, internet provider, etc. the actual amount you are purchasing may not be available. In order for the system to provide an authorization an amount must be present. Since the amount of the purchase is not known until all services are rendered an amount is determined by the merchant. The amount can vary; in most cases the merchant will send an authorization for $1.00. The estimated total could stay on the system for 1 – 3 business days until the clearing item for the amount actually charged reaches the Issuer (First Interstate Bank). You may become aware of the difference between the authorized amount and the actual amount through Telephone Banking, ATM inquiry, or Online Banking inquiry.

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