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What happens if my opening deposit is returned?

Service: Online Account Opening | Updated: December 7th, 2023


If you choose to enter funding account information using an account that does not permit you to use your account and routing number to initiate transfers (such as certain products offered online), your authorization for your opening deposit with us (“Opening Deposit”) may be returned by your other institution as unpaid. If your Opening Deposit is returned unpaid for any reason, your account with us may be closed. You may also encounter issues if you attempt to fund your account with certain prepaid cards. When you authorize us to fund your account with a card, we will notify the card issuer and it will place a hold on your account in the amount of your Opening Deposit. If we are unable to open an account for you for any reason, we will not accept the transfer of any funds, but it is up to your card issuer to remove the hold, and you agree that we are not responsible for any delay in lifting the hold.

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