We Want to Hear From You

August 17th, 2018

We Want to Hear From You

At First Interstate Bank, we believe our job is to help you sleep at night by being there when you need us most and delivering the best experience possible—every time.

To help us achieve this, we need your input. As such, we’re developing client panels that will regularly evaluate their experiences with First Interstate over the course of a year. Participants will be asked to candidly and anonymously assess their relationship with First Interstate, evaluate our delivery of products and services, and express concerns (or compliments!).

Beginning August 16, a random group of clients will receive invitations to serve on a client panel in their area. Invitations will be sent via mail and email by our program partner, Customer Service Profiles (CSP). Emails will be sent from the following email address: noreply@csprofiles.com.

If you are invited to participate on a client panel, we encourage you to do so! Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to provide you the best banking experience possible.