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System Requirements

We are dedicated to providing you an accessible website that is viewable in the various technologies you use. Please review our system requirements to ensure your devices meet these requirements.

Treasury Banking Suite Requirements


  • Microsoft Edge (Any version currently supported by Microsoft)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Version 95+)
  • Google Chrome (Version 96+)
  • Apple Safari browser is not officially supported; however, there are no known issues between the most recent version of Safari and Treasury Banking Suite software.

TBS Secure Browser System Requirements

  • Any general-purpose client versions of Microsoft Windows (Home, Pro, Enterprise) or Apple macOS still supported by and receiving security updates from the vendor.
    • For Windows, any 32-bit or 64-bit x86 compatible processor from Intel or AMD supported by the operating system.
    • For macOS, any supported 64-bit x86 compatible Intel processor, or an Apple Silicon (e.g., M1, M2) processor when used with Rosetta 2 or later.
  • A physical computer local to the user and accessed directly by the user.
  • A local user profile.
  • For Windows, a PS/2 or HID type keyboard device.

Mobile App

  • Apple
    • iPads and iPhones running iOS 13 or newer.
  • Android
    • Phone and tablets running OS 7 or newer.

The following is not supported in TBS when used with:

  • Windows Server, Windows Phone or Mobile, Special-purpose Client Versions of Windows (S, K, KN, IoT).
  • Windows on ARM processors (e.g., Microsoft Surface Pro models).
  • Virtual, thin-client, or cloud desktop systems, especially those utilizing snapshots or restore points.
  • Any computer being accessed remotely (using a remote desktop type connection, for example).
  • User profiles on network locations or cloud services (otherwise utilizing Folder Redirection).
  • Networks utilizing TLS inspection.
  • Any security software utilizing Device Control technology. 
  • Anti-keylogging modules from SafeNet (used by default with Feedline) or StrikeForce Technologies. 

Incompatible Software

Certain security software is incompatible with the Treasury Banking Suite browser. Attempts to use both simultaneously may render the computer inoperable. The incompatible products listed below all use the same licensed Device Control technology. To avoid errors, it is recommended that the browser not be installed on any Windows machine that has or has ever had these products.

  • Lumension Device Control module for Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite (a.k.a. Lumension Endpoint Security Device Control, LES DC), all versions.
  • Ivanti Endpoint Security Device Control (a.k.a. HEAT Endpoint Security Device Control) and all Ivanti products that integrate the Device Control technology, all versions.
  • ThreatTrack Security VIPRE Antivirus Business Premium, all 7.5.x versions subsequent to and including 7.5.5819.
  • Any product using the same licensed Device Control technology as the products above but not specifically listed here.