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Putting People First, Always

At First Interstate, the tone of governance is established at the top, and it begins — and ends — with our core Mission, Vision, and Values. Every decision is made with these principles at the center.

Our Mission is to help people and their money work better together. Our Vision is to be the most relevant everyday banking experience our clients have with their money. Our Values are to Put People First, Always; Seek Greatness; Integrity; Celebrate Success; and Commitment to Community.

Together, these guiding principles allow Bank leaders to frame every interaction and decision appropriately, creating consistency in practice and transparency in application to ensure First Interstate is poised for long-term success.

Governance with a Mission

Governance with a Mission

First Interstate has grown significantly during the past five years. Our leadership was able to navigate the Bank’s evolution successfully because each decision was examined and executed through the lens of our Mission, Vision, and Values. First Interstate is proud to govern in an environment of transparency and inclusion, ensuring all voices are heard and all considerations are measured. It is why the Bank strives to maintain a diverse Executive Team and Board of Directors in terms of beliefs, background, gender, education, and experience.

Leadership During a Pandemic

Leadership in Action

Each year, First Interstate’s Executive Team works with our CEO and our Board of Directors to make sure the Bank remains focused on achieving its strategic goals efficiently. Our steady emphasis on managing risk, investing in technology, and living out our core values positioned the Bank to remain a sound and reliable resource for all our stakeholders.

Communicating with Shareholders

We value our investors and strive to provide timely and clear communications about our business strategies and results. Our dedicated website — — has current investor-related information. It provides access to earnings reports and SEC filings, including 10-Q and 10-K reports, Form 14A and Annual Meetings, and Form 8-K, among others. In addition to earnings and conduct calls, we participate in investment bank conferences and meetings. Such opportunities allow us to provide transparency into our business strategies and initiatives and share our outlook for the near- and long-term.

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At our core, First Interstate is a community bank. Our 2023 ESG Report illustrates how civic duty is at the heart of everything we do.

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