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Treasury Banking Suite

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Secure Browser

Treasury Banking Suite (TBS) leverages a Secure Browser that looks and feels like a normal internet browser, but in fact is a fully self-contained and hardened platform to prevent internet-based threats. TBS utilizes strong authentication through user profiles, device-specific software security certificates, and payment authorization through software-based tokens and the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Users can access TBS from multiple computers, but the Secure Browser must be installed on all computers that will be used to access TBS.


Download for Windows

Download the Treasury Banking Suite Secure Browser for Windows. A guide is available to assist you through the installation process.

Download 32 Bit Download 64 Bit Windows Guide View Demo

Download for Mac

Download the Treasury Banking Suite Secure Browser for Mac. A guide is available to assist you through the installation process.

Download MacOS Mac Guide

TBS File Vault Guide

File Vault is a secure file depository available to all TBS company users. File Vault is perfect for storing and accessing forms, reference material, applications, and other documents that may be commonly requested and shared among your company or the Bank.

This guide explains where to locate guide resources within TBS after you have successfully logged in, as well as the differences between each of the vault types.

Vault Guide

Video Resources

We have created video resources for certain functionality within TBS, such as creating a user, to service specific walk-through like Positive Pay or Remote Deposit Capture.

Treasury Banking Suite

Learn about Treasury Banking Suite, a comprehensive and integrated approach to Treasury Management.

Creating a User

Create and set permissions for a new user in Treasury Banking Suite.

Mobile App

Overview of the mobile app, view accounts and transaction history, submit payments, as well as deposit checks.

ACH Templates

Create templates and payees, as well as submitting a payment from a template.

NACHA Payments

How to make a payment using a NACHA file.

Sending A Foreign Wire

How to send an international wire in Treasury Banking Suite.

Sending A Domestic Wire

How to send a domestic wire in Treasury Banking Suite.

Approving A Wire Transfer

How to approve a wire transfer, including the two part approval process.

Remote Deposit Capture

Overview of the Remote Deposit Capture system, set up user access, and create a deposit.

Positive Pay

Overview of the Positive Pay system, upload an issued check file, decision exceptions, how to run reports, and set up users.

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