December 6, 2016

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What is business mobile web banking?

Business mobile web banking is an internet based service that delivers the convenience of business online banking to your mobile device. Business mobile web banking allows you to perform banking related transactions from your mobile phone.

Are business account alerts available with business mobile banking?

Business account alerts are not available at this time.

Is business bill pay available through business mobile web banking?

Business bill pay not is currently available through business mobile web banking.

What services are available with business mobile web banking?

Business mobile web banking allows the following types of services: View account balances View transaction history View pending transactions Make loan payments or advances Review and approve transactions

What should I do if I delete my business mobile web banking one-time-password (OTP) from my mobile device?

If your one time password (OTP) text message has been deleted from your mobile device, simply navigate to our business mobile web login page and request a new OTP.

What do I use for my business mobile web Access ID?

The Access ID used for business mobile web banking is the same as your Access ID used for business online banking.

What do I need to start using business mobile web banking?

You can start using business mobile banking if you are: Enrolled in business online banking Have at least one active business deposit or credit account Have completed enrollment for business mobile web banking

How do I enroll in business mobile web banking?

Business mobile web banking enrollment is completed through business online banking from your personal computer. Once you are logged-in to business online banking, choose "Options" then "Mobile Banking Enrollment" and complete the enrollment...

How do I access business mobile web banking?

After enrollment a text message is delivered to the registered mobile device with a link to business mobile web banking.