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Travel Tips

Help First Interstate protect your accounts by notifying us before you travel. To avoid a disruption in your card use, please let us know the dates and locations of your trip so we can better monitor debit and credit card activity on your accounts. You can notify us by phone or SMS.


Only take the credit cards or travel cards you will use. Leave all other cards at home.


Research the laws about exchanging money, and, if you need extra money, only use official exchange facilities. Remember that First Interstate offers foreign currency services so you can prepare before you leave.


You may consider placing a stop or hold on your mail to help protect you against identity theft (an overflowing mailbox may also create the appearance that you're not at home).


Check the rules and common fees associated with your airline by visiting its website in advance.


Review what medical services your health insurance covers and consider medical travel insurance.


Pack a list of emergency phone numbers you may need while you're traveling. This may include the phone number of your credit card companies, your doctor's office, the US Embassy in the country you're visiting, and your airline.