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What is Direct Connect?

Direct Connect is the new industry standard for electronic transfer of financial data between financial institutions (FIs), businesses, and consumers via the Internet. Direct Connect streamlines how financial information is delivered from a...

Can I access my financial data directly using Quicken or QuickBooks?

Yes. Using Direct Connect, First Interstate Bank online customers can use Quicken or QuickBooks to connect directly to Online Banking and access their account information.

Is Direct Connect secure?

Direct Connect accesses your information over a secure 128-bit SSL connection. We authenticate your identity based upon your Online Banking User ID and Password.

What benefits does Direct Connect provide?

Account information download. Transaction balances download. Bank mail. Transfer funds between your accounts at First Interstate Bank. Pay bills online.* * There is a fee to use the online bill pay function from...

Will I incur any fees?

No, First Interstate Bank does not charge any fees; however, if you use the service of other banks or brokerage firms, you could be subject to charges from them for these services.

Can I transfer funds between my First Interstate Bank accounts using Quicken, or QuickBooks and Direct Connect?

Yes, you can transfer funds to and from your First Interstate Bank accounts.

Is there any charge for transferring funds between my First Interstate Bank accounts?

No. There will be no charge for transferring funds between your First Interstate Bank accounts.

Which accounts can I transfer funds between?

You can transfer funds between Checking, Savings, and Money Market accounts using Quicken or QuickBooks.

Why can't I make transfers to/from my Line of Credit account?

It is possible to make transfers to/from a Line of Credit account through First Interstate Bank Online Banking. However, funds transferred through Quicken/QuickBooks can only be transferred between Checking, Savings, and Money Market accounts.

When will a transfer take place?

The transfer will occur at the end of the business day and will appear on the next business day in Quicken/QuickBooks.

If I choose to change or cancel a scheduled transfer, when is the latest I can do this?

You will not be able to change or cancel immediate transfers that have been processed in Quicken/QuickBooks. If you are a Quicken user you will need to cancel the transfer online, before the transfer date, before deleting it from the Quicken...