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How do I cancel bill payment service?

Category: Business   Service: Online Bill Pay | Updated: April 29th, 2014


Contact your local Cash Management Representative. Keep in mind the following:

  • Scheduled payments, including repeating payments, are not paid.
  • Processing payments are paid.
  • You no longer have access to your payment activity and you can no longer send payment inquiries. You should wait until all of your scheduled payments are processed before you cancel your service. If you let your scheduled payments process, then you won't have any outstanding payments that you can't view or inquire about after you cancel your service.
  • Your payees are notified to stop sending e-bills. However, it can sometimes take a few days for the payee to process the request. Therefore, until you begin receiving paper bills again you should contact the payee directly about your payment amount and payment due date. Because you can't send your payment using Online Bill Pay for Business after you cancel your service, you should make your payment to the payee by some other means, such as a check.
  • If you decide to use Online Bill Pay for Business again, you will have to re-enroll and set up your payee list.

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