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What is a split tender transaction and how does it work?

Category: Personal   Service: Gift Travel Card | Updated: August 6th, 2015


If you wish to use your card to purchase an item for more than the available funds, depending on the Merchant's policy, you may be able to use your card toward a portion of the final purchase price, and then use another form of payment to pay the remaining balance. This is called a "split tender" transaction because you would be splitting the final transaction amount between your Gift Card and another form of payment. Before you request a "split tender" transaction, you will need to know your card value. Then, you must ask the Merchant if two forms of payment will be accepted. If the Merchant agrees, request that the card value be used as the first form of payment, and then use another form of funds to pay the remaining balance. Some retailers will only allow a "split tender" transaction if the second form of payment is cash or check. Online and most mail order merchants do not permit "split tender" transactions. We do not guarantee that the Merchant will accept two forms of payment, such as two cards.

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