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Verification of Account

Ordering a verification of account is easy. You will receive information that suits your particular needs in about three business days.

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Please Fax requests to 1-406-237-2931

In order to view some of the forms and documents on this website, you will need to have the Adobe® Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. For security, we encourage you to ensure you are always running the latest version.


There are three important things to consider when ordering a Verification of Account


Account Numbers - You must provide complete account numbers. An invalid or incomplete account number will generate an error notice, so please check the account numbers with the customer for accuracy.

Customer Authorizations - Unless the account owner(s) has signed and dated the authorization section on the Verification of Account form, your request will be returned to you.


  • For faster processing, please complete the form on your computer before printing.
  • Forms must be legible — illegible forms will be returned.
  • Do not use a highlighter. If the highlighted areas include account numbers or authorizations, we cannot assume these are accurate; your request will be returned with an error notice.


It is not necessary to send a fax cover sheet when using our form. All requests will be returned by fax. Our automated servers will attempt to fax the Verification of Account to the return number listed on your request. To avoid delays, please include an accurate and legible fax number on your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my request has been received?
Please allow three business days before checking on your request. We will not have specific information until that time.

Where do I send my request?
Please submit requests to the fax number listed on the Verification of Account form. Requests sent to an inappropriate fax number will not be returned or completed.

We are unable to process Verification of Account requests sent via email.

Verification of Account requests submitted through a branch may be delayed. 

Can you return my original request?
We are unable to return original requests.