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A recent scam has been brought to our attention in which fraudsters call clients pretending to be First Interstate or Mastercard employees asking for their PIN or social security number. Do NOT share this information with anyone. Please note, neither First Interstate nor Mastercard will ever ask for this information over the phone. For questions, please call our Client Contact Center at 1-855-342-3400.

First-Time Homebuyers

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming experience, but the experienced mortgage lenders at First Interstate Bank will be there to guide you throughout the entire process.

The decision whether or not to purchase a home is a significant one. Only you can determine if it's the right decision for you. We recommend considering—among many other things—your current finances and what you can afford, the benefits that come along with homeownership, and the expenses homeowners incur.

Your mortgage lender is your ultimate source of information as you decide whether buying a home is right for you. He or she will walk you through the process, the requirements, and the responsibilities.

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Tax Benefits

Homeowners can claim tax deductions for the interest paid on the mortgage according to income tax laws. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

Expenses to Consider

While this is not an exhaustive list of expenses a homeowner will incur, it's important to consider what is expected of you. Homeowners are responsible for paying property taxes, upkeep for the home (both expected and unexpected), utility bills, and so on. And that's on top of making your monthly mortgage payment; although in many cases, your property taxes will be incorporated into your monthly mortgage payment. Ask your mortgage lender for more details.

Loans are subject to credit approval. Some restrictions and loan fees may apply.

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Mortgage Resources

We know the home loan process can be a complicated affair. Our Mortgage Resources are designed to help explain the most common concepts and questions.

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First-Time Homebuyers

Let the experienced team at First Interstate Bank guide you through the process

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Closing Process

Closing on your home is the last step in the purchasing process

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Mortgage Calculators

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