First Interstate’s AdvanceLine* personal line of credit may be able to extend beyond the limits of traditional credit cards or loans, while providing the same ease and convenience. Your AdvanceLine, which may be secured by the equity in your home or may be unsecured, remains open for withdrawals as needed. When you choose to use your available funds, you are then responsible for paying that amount back.

You can access your funds quickly and conveniently - just use the checks we provide as part of your AdvanceLine account or transfer the funds you need (up to your limit) via I-Bank Online Banking or Mobile Banking to your First Interstate checking account. From there, you can write personal checks or use your debit card for your expenses.

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What can you use an AdvanceLine for?

A First Interstate AdvanceLine can be used for a wide variety of expenses. Depending on your situation and credit needs, you may need an AdvanceLine for consolidating debt, home improvements or remodeling, medical expenses, and so on.

*Loans are subject to approval.

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