Overdraft Protection

Guard against returned checks with automatic transfer options. We offer a convenient way to protect you from costs associated with returned checks. It's easy to make a mistake; let us help you protect yourself.

Choose amongst three great automatic transfer options: Savings or Market Interest account, Balance Plus Line of Credit or a First Interstate Mastercard®. Savings or Market Interest Accounts and Balance Plus Line of Credit are activated automatically, so the transfer covers your checks before you get into an overdraft situation.

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Choose between three great automatic transfer options

Savings/Market Interest Account

You can designate your First Interstate Savings or Market Interest Account as the source to cover any overdrafts in your checking account. There is a $5.00 transfer fee for this service.

The advantages of choosing this option are:

  • There are no interest charges, unlike a line of credit or credit card.
  • The limit for your overdraft coverage is as large as your Savings or Market Interest balance.
  • Your monthly statement details the transfers between your accounts.
  • Review transactions via Internet Banking and Day & Night Telephone Banking.

Federal Banking law sets a limit of six preauthorized transfers on savings and money market accounts per month. Transfers initiated by the Overdraft Protection Service are included in this limit.

Balance Plus Line of Credit

Balance Plus* is an overdraft line of credit tied to your checking account that activates if you overdraw your account. Balance Plus can save you the inconvenience of bounced checks and the cost of overdraft fees. There is a $5.00 transfer fee for this service.

The advantages of Balance Plus include:

  • Your monthly checking statement includes details of your Balance Plus account.
  • Outstanding Balance Plus balances can be repaid with a small, minimum monthly payment.
  • Enjoy unlimited transfers with Balance Plus (up to credit limit).
  • Review transactions via Online Banking and Day & Night Telephone Banking.

The Annual Percentage Rate on Balance Plus is 18.00%. Rate subject to change. Balance Plus requires credit approval and applications can be obtained at your local First Interstate branch.

First Interstate Mastercard®

Another great option for protecting against overdrafts is your First Interstate Mastercard®. Transfers occur in the amount needed to cover the overdraft plus the transfer fee, and there are no set-up charges. There is a $10 transfer fee for credit card transfers up to $50 or a $19 transfer fee for transfers over $50.

There are some real advantages to choosing this option:

  • Transfers with First Interstate credit cards (up to available credit limit or a maximum of $500 daily).
  • Your monthly credit card statement details the transfers between your accounts

For more information on First Interstate Bank credit cards, stop by or call your local First Interstate branch or view more information about our Credit Cards.

*Subject to approval