Business Online Banking

Securely manage your accounts online anytime using Business Online Banking (I-Corp). You can conveniently view real-time balance and transaction information. Transfer funds, manage payments and download electronic statements. Use your mobile phone to securely access your account information when you need it.

For businesses of any size, Business Online Banking provides all the features you need to conveniently manage your business online. Business Online Banking offers the base features of regular online banking plus sophisticated funds management capabilities, review detailed account activity and balances in real-time, manage and adjust balance positioning as cash flow changes, conveniently manage tax payments, set up multiple users with individual privileges, Electronically move money using ACH services and fraud mitigation.

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Online Bill Pay

Pay bills electronically to make managing your business easier.

I-Payables Business Online Bill Pay is a service for business owners using Business Online Banking. Enjoy the benefits of Online Bill Pay with additional features.

To use Online Bill Pay, you must first be enrolled in Business Online Banking.

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  • Pay bills electronically, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Increase cash flow control
  • Add invoices to your payment
  • Accept electronic bills
  • Pay one-time bills and monthly reoccurring bills
  • Add payees /merchants anytime
  • Include multiple users and dual control

Online Bill Pay is free the first two calendar months of service. Thereafter, the user will be assessed $9.95 per month for the first 20 bills paid per month. $0.50 will be charged per bill for each bill in excess of 20 per month.

ACH Services

Save time and resources by utilizing direct deposit for payroll.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services are available to you through Business Online Banking. ACH Services allow you to originate electronic payments directly from your business.

To use ACH services, you must first be enrolled in Business Online Banking.


  • Save money by eliminating postage, envelopes, check printing, and other administrative expenses
  • Save time by minimizing banking and account reconciliation
  • Improve security by reducing the chances of lost or stolen checks
  • Enhance your cash flow predictability, as payments are taken and arrive on the date specified
  • Enjoy corporate cash concentration from remote regions

If you are experiencing difficulties with this product, please call us toll-free at 888-833-3450 M-F, 8am-5pm MST or use our online contact form.

Wire Transfers

Save time and money initiating wire transfers.

Wire transfers are an excellent solution when you need to transfer funds quickly. Our business online banking offers a convenient way for you to initiate wire transfers without needing to visit or even contact your local branch.

To use wire transfers, you must first be enrolled in Business Online Banking.


  • Foreign and domestic transfers
  • Real-time funds management
  • Secure transactions using electronic tokens and dual control
  • Discounted domestic wire transfer fees

Mobile Services

Securely access your account information when you need it.

Business Mobile Banking delivers the account information you need when you need it. From a cell phone or PDA with Internet access, you can securely manage your First Interstate Bank accounts at no additional charge.

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  • View account balances
  • Transfer funds
  • View pending transactions
  • Make loan payments or advances
  • View transaction history
  • Review and approve transactions

It's Secure & Free

Mobile Banking is a free service you can use with complete confidence. It delivers the highest level of security thanks to multiple layers of authentication. This includes a personal identification number (PIN) that only you know and a one-time password that changes each time you log in. These steps ensure that your information is fully protected.

Scan the QR Code or go to from your mobile device. Your device may require a third-party app to scan QR Codes.

Electronic Statements

Do your part to reduce paper usage while managing your accounts.

To enroll in electronic statements, you must first be enrolled in Business Online Banking.

Enroll FAQ's

Checking and savings customers enrolled in Business Online Banking can enjoy the convenience of accessing their statements online anytime with I-Statements Electronic Statements. Electronic statements look exactly like mailed statements, including images of checks and/or other items. However, instead of receiving mailed statements, you can access statements electronically and can view past statements for up to 18 months.