Telephone Phishing Scam

July 25, 2014

First Interstate Bank has received notification of a new round of phone phishing scams directed at customers. This message is fraudulent and aims to steal confidential information. The caller shows up as “UNKNOWN” and the message alerts the customer that their “MasterCard debit card has been lost/stolen/compromised or locked.” These messages are similar to the scams we have seen in the past.

The phishing scam intends to create a sense of urgency with the customer that there is fraud on the card. The message then directs the customer to press a button to unlock the card and enter in confidential information. Please be on the lookout for similar fraudulent messages requesting personal information.

First Interstate Bank would never contact customers via phone to request information. If you have concerns regarding this scam or any other suspicious activity, please contact your local branch or our Corporate Security office at 406-237-2702.

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