New Automated Message MasterCard Scam

April 15, 2014

First Interstate Bank has received several notifications that customers and employees have received automated phishing calls. The calls state that the recipients MasterCard has been locked, and the message directs the recipient to press “1” to unlock. The actual message may vary slightly, but it will be the same general format.

After pressing “1” the recipient is then instructed to enter their card number, expiration date, and PIN. It is important to note that the calls are coming from multiple phone numbers, which are listed (but not limited to) below:

  • 1-813-324-6619
  • 745-602-5057
  • 702-999-1234
  • 678-569-4710

The Caller ID may list the number as “unavailable” or simply show two or three digits, such as “99” or “319.” These calls are fraudulent and are in no way associated with First Interstate Bank. Any caller that is not identified in Caller ID should be always be treated suspiciously.

Please do not give out any personal/account information over the phone. First Interstate Bank would never contact customers via phone to request information. If you have any concerns regarding this scam or any other suspicious activity, please contact your local branch or our Corporate Security office at 406-237-2702.

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