Not Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug

April 09, 2014

With news breaking on Monday, April 7th that the Heartbleed Bug causes vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library (which is used by roughly two-thirds of all websites on the Internet), we wanted to assure you that your information with First Interstate Bank is still secure.  Our website,, is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug.

At First Interstate Bank, we are serious about protecting your personal information. We employ a multi-layered approach to online security that includes a unique username and password, 128-bit encryption, a powerful firewall, technology updates, and continuous surveillance. We also have additional security measures that may be activated in response to certain activities or events.

If you are still concerned about your online security in light of the Heartbleed Bug, you can take the following steps to protect yourself:

  • Don’t Login From Vulnerable Places
    It’s never safe to log into your personal accounts while using a public Wi-Fi service; when threats, such as the Heartbleed Bug, are present, the security threat is even higher. To protect yourself and your confidential information, try not to log into social accounts, emails, and (most importantly) your bank accounts when using public Wi-Fi.
  • Change Your Passwords
    Changing your email, social networks, and banking passwords is always good practice. The best bet to protect your personal information on the web is to change your passwords periodically and to make them as strong as possible.
  • Clear Browsing History and Cookies
    Make sure you clear all your browsing history, session keys, and session cookies when using the Internet. In addition, decline the “save my password” option on your browser.
  • Check Your Bank Statement
    Check your bank statement frequently so you can address possible security breaches as early as possible. Never share your bank account details, username, and password with anyone else via email, text, or direct message.

As always, First Interstate remains committed to using proven, secure technologies to protect your financial information and privacy. Still have questions? Learn about First Interstate’s online guarantee or contact our Customer Support Center at 1-888-752-3332, M-F, 7:30am-6pm MST.

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