Continued Debit Card Phone Scam

October 4, 2013

We are continuing to receive notification that First Interstate Bank customers are receiving automated phone calls indicating there is a problem with their debit card. The latest calls have been showing on Caller ID as “unknown” or from (559-5). In some cases, the caller will indicate they are from the "National Credit Union Fraud Protection Center." This call is a scam and is in no way related to First Interstate Bank.

We have heard of two different messages so far. One states "your debit card has been suspended" and the other states "your debit card has been locked." While the message may change slightly, the gist of it is that there is a problem with a debit card that needs immediate action. The automated call then goes on to tell the recipient to "press 1 to connect to the security department" and/or “press 1 to reactivate your card." Once 1 is pressed, the recipient is asked for their card number and other confidential information related to the card, such as a personal identification number (PIN). Again, this message may vary.

Please do not disclose your card number or account/personal information during such a call. This is a phishing/scam phone call; First Interstate would never call customers and ask for such information. These phone scams are being used all across the United States, not just in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

If you have any questions about this or any other suspected email scams, please contact your local First Interstate Bank branch or our Corporate Security office at 406-237-2702.

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