Incoming Money Transfer Email Scam

July 23, 2013

We received notification of a new email scam. The emails, which include the subject line ”Important Notice - Incoming Money Transfer,“ claim that, ”An Incoming Money Transfer has been received by your financial institution for XXXX.“ The emails also include an attachment titled ”“ A sample of the email is provided below.

The scammer is attempting to convince the recipient to open the attachment, which will load malware onto the recipient’s computer. The malware is programmed to collect usernames, passwords, account numbers, credit card numbers, etc. when the user connects to online banking and other online financial services.

Please note that these emails are not associated with First Interstate Bank, and no money transfers occurred related to these emails. If you receive such an email, delete it and do not click on any attachments.

WebCashmgmt []
Subject: Important Notice - Incoming Money Transfer

An Incoming Money Transfer has been received by your financial institution for NAME REMOVED. In order for the funds to be remitted on the correct account please complete the "A136 Incoming Money Transfer Form".

Fax a copy of the completed "A136 Incoming Money Transfer Form" to +1 800 722 2879.

To avoid delays or additional fees please be sure the Beneficiary Information including name, branch name, address, city, state, country, and Routing Number (ABA Number) or SWIFT BIC Code is correct. For international Wires be sure you include the International Routing Code (IRC) and International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for countries that require it. Thank you,

Senior Officer
Cash Management Verification
Phone : 877-476-3635

If you have any questions about this or any other suspected email scams, please contact your local First Interstate Bank branch or our Corporate Security office at 406-237-2702.

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