System Requirements

We are dedicated to providing you an accessible website that is viewable in the various technologies you use. Please review our system requirements to ensure your devices meet these requirements.

Mobile Banking Requirements

Mobile Text Banking

Must have a text-enabled mobile phone. The majority of all mobile devices in the US now support text messages. To find out if you mobile device supports text messages, contact your mobile service provider.

Will work with most pre-paid phone plans; however, there are some phone plans that do not support shortcodes. The following pre-paid mobile service plans DO NOT support shortcodes:

  • Mobile
  • Most Verizon MVNOs (e.g., MIGO)

Mobile Web Banking

You must have an Internet-enabled mobile phone and it must support WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) 2.2 or higher, the international standard for applications using wireless communication. Most phones today support WAP. To find out if you mobile device is Internet-enabled, contact your mobile service provider.

Mobile App Banking

  • iPhone® — iOS 5.0 and above
  • Android™ — 2.2 and above
  • BlackBerry® — 6.0 and above

Mobile device must have both hardware camera access and auto-focus capability.

Please contact your mobile service provider for specific questions relating to your mobile device.

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