Personal Online Banking

With Personal Online Banking (I-Bank), you can securely manage your accounts online anytime at no additional cost. You can conveniently view real-time balance and transaction information as well as transfer funds between accounts. Set up account alerts, download electronic statements, and even access your account from your mobile phone.

Other features include: reviewing transactions, deposits, and checks cleared; view, print, and order new checks; apply for credit cards; and create account nicknames for easy account identification. Looking for Business Online Banking?

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Online Bill Pay

Save time and money with your bill-paying process. Online Bill Pay (I-Pay) makes it easy to pay your bills from your checking account anytime, whether you're at home or out of town.

You can set up reminders so you never have to miss another due date; plus, because you don't write and mail checks, Bill Pay customers save time and money.

Online Tour FAQ's

To enroll in Online Bill Pay you must first be enrolled in Online Banking.
Note: If you do not access your Online Bill Pay account within a six month period, it will be closed. Online Banking is free. Online Bill Pay is free the first two calendar months of service. Thereafter, Bill Pay services are free to most checking account holders. Free Checking customers can receive Bill Pay for $4.95 per month plus $0.40 per payment in excess of 20. Fees are subject to change.

Achieve better cash flow control

Accept electronic bills

Add merchants/payees anytime

Send payments to companies and individuals

Set due date reminders

Know that charges post to your account only after the biller receives payment

Electronic Statements

Do your part to reduce paper usage while managing your accounts. Go green and save precious natural resources!

Electronic Statements (I-Statements) allows you to download and view your checking and savings account statements online from within Online Banking. Electronic Statements replace mailed paper statements but will look exactly the same, including images of checks and/or other items.

As an Online Banking customer, you can view current and past statements (up to 18 months) online and have the flexibility to print your statements as needed.


To enroll in Electronic Statements, you must first be enrolled in Online Banking.

Account Alerts

Would you like to know when your account balance drops below a certain amount or when a deposit or withdrawal is made? Stay informed with First Interstate Bank Account Alerts.

Sign up for our Alerts service through your Personal Online Banking account, and we will alert you via your mobile device or email account when specified activity occurs.


You must be an Online Banking Customer to enroll in Account Alerts.

  • Account Locked - notify me when my Online Banking or Mobile Banking account has been locked
  • Balance Change - notify me if my balance has changed
  • Deposit Confirmation - notify me if funds have been deposited to my account
  • Low Balance - notify me if my balance falls below my chosen threshold
  • Overdraft Posted - notify me if an overdraft fee has been applied to my account
  • Password Change - notify me if my Online Banking or Mobile Banking password has been changed
  • Withdrawal Confirmation - notify me if funds have been withdrawn from my account
  • Withdrawal Threshold Exceeded - notify me if funds above my chosen threshold have been withdrawn from my account

Mobile Services

Mobile Banking is a convenient, secure way to manage your finances anytime, anywhere. When you enroll for Mobile Banking you have access to Text Banking, Mobile Web Banking, and Mobile App Banking so you can use the banking solution that best fits your situation.

To enroll, log on to your Personal Online Banking account and select the Mobile Banking & Alerts tab.

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Please check to make sure our app is compatible with your mobile phone’s operating system by viewing our System Requirements.

Text Banking

All you need is a mobile phone and a plan that allows text messages. This is a great option when you want answers fast, like "What's my balance?" View All Text Banking Commands.

Mobile Web Banking

Using any Internet-enabled phone, simply open your browser and visit our website. From there, you can log in and manage your accounts. If you're already an Online Banking user, this similar style of web-based banking will be familiar.

Mobile & Tablet App Banking

Want an even faster, easier banking experience? Download our mobile app and have access to your accounts right at your fingertips! Simply download the application, log in, and start banking.

Mobile Check Deposit

The ultimate bank-on-the-go solution. Use our iPhone or Android mobile app to snap a picture of the front and back of the check you want to deposit and securely add those funds to your personal checking account.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a convenient way to make payments without using cash, checks, physical credit or debit cards. Learn more.

Direct Connect

Manage your account from your money management software.

For increased account management capabilities, we offer Direct Connect, which allows you to securely access your First Interstate Bank transactions from within Quicken® and QuickBooks®. Direct Connect makes it easy to view your accounts and download account information through your software.

Direct Connect is currently a service provided for Online Banking customers only.

System Requirements FAQ's

Account Management

Manage your accounts from your computer or mobile device.

As an online banking customer, you can enjoy the convenience of a variety of online account management features. Rather than taking the time to visit a branch, use your computer or mobile device to:

  • Order checks
  • Stop payments
  • Change your address
  • Opt in/out of Courtesy Overdraft
  • Open an account
  • Apply for a credit card