New Livingston, MT, Branch Planned

October 22nd, 2019

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To better serve clients and their evolving needs, First Interstate officials are excited to announce they will be constructing a new branch in Livingston.

The new branch will replace the current location at 207 W. Callender, which has experienced more than its fair share of wear and tear over the years. The building has endured several remodeling and renovation updates to combat a leaky roof, heating and cooling issues, basement leaks, and sidewalk damage.

“In the best interest of our clients and employees, we knew it was time to update the bank,” said First Interstate Livingston President Brad Hanson. “Because we are committed to the vitality of downtown Livingston, we wanted to situate the new branch right where the existing branch stands today.”

Sharing a slightly reduced overall footprint, the new bank structure will take up less space on the lot—allowing for improved traffic flow and additional parking space. 

“We are taking this opportunity to step back and evaluate how our clients want to interact with us,” Hanson said. “Convenience is key, and our new branch will bring that concept to life.”

Speaking of convenient, First Interstate clients won’t have to worry about a disruption in their banking services during this transition. First Interstate will build a temporary banking facility at 207  S. 2nd St. in Downtown Livingston with staff on hand to assist with all business-as-usual banking needs. 

The temporary facility will be outfitted with the same security measures and precautions as all First Interstate brick and mortar locations.

Honoring history

While the current First Interstate location is rich in history and unique style, it is not a registered historical landmark. However, because First Interstate is committed to downtown Livingston and its business neighbors (many of whom are registered historic places) First Interstate leadership proactively met with the local Historical Preservation Board to ensure the new building design appropriately complements the historic beauty and charm of its surroundings.

“This gesture was about being a considerate community partner and honoring the past by making sure we carry that feeling into the future,” Hanson said. 

The new building’s exterior will complement adjacent structures, evoking the same sense of historic charm for which Livingston is known. Inside, the bank will feel as though it’s had a much-deserved face-lift—aesthetics still in keeping with First Interstate’s brand, style and history, but enhanced with updated furnishings.  Staff plans to retain the Ralston painting—a fixture in the current branch—and display it in a prominent location at the new building.

“We are committed to providing the best experience possible for our clients, and a new bank will bring that promise to life,” Hanson said.

Built for you

The tentative change-of-service date (date the doors to the current location will close and clients will start using the temporary branch) is slated for January 2020. The target completion date for the project is December 2020.

During this process, First Interstate will be in close communication with clients, sharing additional information as construction details have been finalized.

Demolition of the existing branch is slated for late March/early April 2020. This will allow First Interstate staff extra time and care to repurpose architectural elements in the current building. As for the elements that won’t fit or complement the new branch, those pieces of artwork, fixtures, windows, and miscellaneous items will find new life in other buildings around Livingston. 

Repurposing items isn’t the only green technique employed by First Interstate staff; the team also plans to install roof-mounted solar panels and will utilize environmentally responsible and energy- efficient construction technology. Dick Anderson Construction will serve as the project’s general contractor with A&E Architects as the architectural firm and design team.

“Please feel free to stop in and visit with us about this process,” Hanson said. “Our Livingston team is helpful, adaptable, and always looking for ways to improve the client experience. Having an updated environment to interact with clients will only enhance this effort.”