Protecting Your Car from the Elements

March 9th, 2018

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Weather can take a toll on your vehicle, and we live in an area where extreme weather can be the norm. Taking steps to protect your car in both the winter and summer can extend its life and keep it running smoothly. Here are a few suggestions for each season:


  • Keep your battery in check. No one wants a dead battery when temperatures are below freezing!
  • Have the correct antifreeze/water mixture to prevent freezing in your radiator.
  • Consider using freeze-resistant wiper fluid.
  • Check the air pressure on your tires regularly. If you live where it snows, consider investing in snow tires.
  • Maintain an emergency kit in your car that includes road flares, a jack, jumper cables, a lug wrench, and a first-aid kit. You may want to include a flashlight, blanket, gloves, hat, ice scraper, and a bag of cat litter or sand.
  • Spray your car off regularly to remove salt and dirt. You can also apply wax to help shield against the elements.
  • Replace your windshield wipers, so you’ll have good visibility when it snows or rains.


  • Check the coolant to prevent overheating.
  • Top off your oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid.
  • Check your battery, as heat causes battery fluid to evaporate and may lead to corrosion on the terminals and connections.
  • Check the A/C to make sure it’s maintaining the right temperature; make any adjustments needed.
  • Inspect your belts and hoses for cracking, soft spots, or other signs of wear-and-tear.
  • Check the air pressure on your tires regularly and inspect them for any cracks, bulges, or uneven wear.
  • Replace your wipers if they start to crack, so they’ll work well if you’re in a thunderstorm.
  • Update your emergency kit to include sunscreen and a poncho.
  • Wash and wax your car regularly to protect its finish from bugs, bird droppings, acid rain, and road dust.
  • Use a windshield sun shade to protect your car’s upholstery, dashboards, and steering wheel from the sun and heat. Or, consider getting tinted windows.
  • Treat the upholstery and dashboard with vinyl or leather protectant.

Regardless of how well you take care of your vehicle, the time may come to simply start looking for a new one. Apply online, and utilize a handy list of resources, all from our website!

Information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide legal or financial advice. The views expressed are those of the author.