First Interstate Site Redesign

July 6th, 2015

Beginning July 20th, will have an all new, redesigned look and feel to its navigation. Change can be difficult, but we are confident the new design will present a cleaner look and more intuitive navigation. Ultimately, the redesigned site is so our customers can get the information they need in a convenient way.

Your online banking login has now moved to the top right corner of the screen. To login, simply click on the padlock icon ( ) and enter your credentials. The first time you login, you’ll need to select what type of credentials you’re entering. The drop-down menu allows for plenty of options, from Personal/Small Business Banking login, I-Corp, Wealth Services, Retirement Services, and many more. If you’d like to enroll in online banking for the first time or you’ve simply forgotten your password, the login area has you covered.

What’s more, the login and search functions stay with you wherever you go on the site. That’s so you won’t have to return to the homepage to access any of the crucial info you’re looking for. No matter where you go on the site, the menu bar, search, and login functions will follow you for easy access. Additionally, the menu bar at the top of the screen contains all the content sections from the previous version. Need a recommendation or unsure what solutions fit you best? The financial analyzer is available within the menu under the Personal and Business tab.

One of the most notable changes to our website is the visual design. The top banner is reserved for crucial information. Anything fresh and exciting at First Interstate can be found here. Below the top panel is our headlines section, a space where you can read all about our latest news snippets from across the company.

Finally, we redesigned our pages to have a comprehensive method for comparing our solutions. For example, the Personal Checking area gives you all the information you’ll need to determine what account is best for you, along with the benefits associated with each solution. By clicking through the different tabs, you’ll see the icons change to reflect what features are tied to each checking solution. A green checkmark means that benefit is tied to the corresponding account; no checkmark, and you might need to look at the different tabs to see which one fits your needs. When navigating the site, anything highlighted in orange means you can click to be directed to the matching page. Looking for disclosures or career opportunities? Look no further than the footer at the bottom of the page. Links to these sections will always remain in the footer for quick access.

If you have any questions about the updated site, please don’t hesitate to call our phone center at 888-752-3332 M-F, 7:30am-6pm MST, or contact us.