First Interstate Receives Award from Montana Board of Housing

July 25th, 2012

Montana Board of Housing

First Interstate Bank recently received an award from the Montana Board of Housing (MBOH) recognizing the Bank for reaching the most Montana communities with MBOH loans.

"First Interstate Bank's community oriented lending makes them a valuable partner to Montana Board of Housing," said Vicki Bauer, MBOH's Homeownership Program Manager. "Their statewide coverage allows first time homebuyers greater access to Montana Board of Housing programs." Over the last two years, First Interstate Bank has originated almost 20% of the loans purchased by MBOH with the most comprehensive coverage of communities statewide. First Interstate has been a participating lender in MBOH programs since the Board began purchasing loans in 1977.

"Meeting the needs of our communities is extremely important to First Interstate Bank," said Johnnie McClusky, First Interstate's Community Development Officer. "We're honored to be recognized by Montana Board of Housing for our efforts."