First Interstate BancSystem Foundation Twenty Five Years

Over the last 25 years, the First Interstate BancSystem Foundation has contributed $20 million dollars to charitable organizations and causes that improve and maintain the quality of life in our communities. Our deepest gratitude to all of the organizations that we have partnered with over the years to make our communities a better place to live and work.

The Big Picture

25 Years, $20 Million Invested


Museums, historic societies, heritage centers, theaters, art councils, symphonies.


Emergency needs, food, shelter, hospitals, clinics, child and family services.


Housing programs, economic development, United Way, YMCA, youth programs leadership programs.


Schools, colleges, libraries, financial education programs.

17 Years / 132,072 Volunteer Hours

Employees help nonprofits and other community organizations by serving on boards and by donating their time and talents. These roles allow employees a safe environment to develop important leadership skills that help make them better team members. Community service is valued by First Interstate; as such, employees participate in both bank-organized and individual volunteering efforts.

Commitment to Community

As a company, we are only as strong as the communities we serve. First Interstate operates on the basic belief that being a good neighbor is what socially-responsible corporate citizenship is all about.

Our commitment starts with our desire to support and foster growth in the local business economy. In addition, we recognize that the quality of life in a community is inherently tied to its physical, spiritual, and intellectual well-being. Our employees are actively involved in their communities, using their skills and energies to make them better places to live and work. Here are just a few examples of the way we give back to the places we call home.