Personal Values

At First Interstate Bank, we believe we are the sum of our people. Every person at every level of our organization matters. Here, we discuss some of the personal values we expect of our First Interstate family members, from employees to shareholders. The values by which we live and work ultimately reflect on us, affecting both our success and your success within our organization.


Integrity is adherence to high ethical and professional standards. People with integrity act with fairness and strength. People with integrity are honest with themselves and with others, acknowledging their own weaknesses and mistakes. Integrity means honoring commitments and standing up for what you believe is right. When one acts with integrity, trust and self-esteem flourish.


Loyalty develops when personal values and organizational values coincide. When you believe in the values of the workplace, you have a positive feeling about your work. You become committed to daily workplace activities and long-term workplace goals.


Pride is not smugness or superiority; it is a sense of doing your best. It means correcting wrongs, solving problems, finding better ways, and not accepting mediocrity. At First Interstate, we want you to be proud of yourself and proud of us as an organization.


Good physical and mental health cannot be separated from one's sense of well-being, enthusiasm, and productivity. The healthy employee balances work, emotional and spiritual needs, and family obligations. A sense of humor helps by extending your life and relieving everyday tensions.

Attitude Toward Work

Successful people enjoy and look forward to their work. Although some days will be better than others, we trust that every employee faces tasks with energy and enthusiasm. You can find great satisfaction in contributing to society through your work.


If you wish to grow—personally and professionally—we will help. Rewards will be available to you in your work if you read, study, observe, plan, and practice.

Common Goals

None of us will succeed—individually or as an organization—without common goals. We expect that all employees will share our company’s overall goals, working as one to achieve the corporate vision.