December 6, 2016

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Your account is nobody else’s business.
Keep it that way.

Protect your online accounts from fraud and cyber criminals - they’re out there and trying to get in. Download IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport and know your account is protected. Best of all, it’s free!

You Don’t Have Enough Online Security. But You Should.

When it comes to online banking, protecting your personal information is a shared obligation between you and the bank. Unfortunately, antivirus and other security controls do not stop malware and phishing attempts, which allow cyber criminals to access your computer and your confidential information.

Trusteer Rapport Works Hard to Protect You.

First Interstate Bank is proud to offer-free of charge-Trusteer Rapport, a security software that increases your online protection. How? Trusteer Rapport creates a secure line of communication between your computer and First Interstate’s online banking services, decreasing your susceptibility to criminal behavior.

Easy to Use.
Won’t Slow You Down.

Once you download and install Trusteer Rapport, your online banking activity with First Interstate Bank is protected. When you log into any of First Interstate’s online banking services-whether business or personal-Trusteer Rapport secures the browser, preventing any unauthorized access to sensitive information.

View this short introduction video to learn how Trusteer Rapport protects against fraud and identity theft when you bank online.

The icon is green when Trusteer Rapport is protecting your communication with a website.

Trusteer Rapport does not replace virus protection software; Trusteer Rapport is simply an added layer of protection against fraud.