1 + 1 Program

Education is the key to our future. That’s why First Interstate Bank wants to help area schools through the “1+1 Program.” First Interstate Bank and NewsCenter1 have formed a partnership to show our commitment to education through this weekly program.

If you know of a class or program that could use some extra financial assistance, fill out our online application and help us help area classrooms.

The application process is now closed and we are no longer accepting submissions.
Please check back in Fall 2015 for more updates.

Each week during the school year, representatives from First Interstate Bank and NewsCenter1 visit the classroom selected for that week’s award. The teacher and class are presented with a $500 check to assist the class in attaining their educational goal outlined in their application. The winning class is then featured on the news.

What type of projects are considered for “1+1” awards?

There are many different types of projects considered! Some examples are software and books for special projects, math education materials, choir and band music, science experiment kits, Physical Education supplies, maps, as well as costumes and props for plays. Another popular project is something community based, for example, making blankets for an elderly home. Details, including how the project will help students, how many students will benefit, and specific costs for the project, are all helpful to the selection committee, so please include that information in your application.